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Septic Tank


This fiberglass septic tank provides leak-free storage, for both the long and short term. It is structurally strong, corrosion-resistant, watertight, lightweight and easily installed.

Above ground and below ground tanks are available, with many sizes to meet your septic needs.


Ball Tanks - Wastewater, Ball Tanks - Water, Bonded 1 Piece - Water, Bonded 1 Piece - Wastewater, B Series - Water/Wastewater, BX Series - Water/Wastewater, bove Ground Sectional - Water/Wastewater, bove Ground 1 Piece - Water/Wastewater

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Storage Tank


We have a variety of water storage tanks to meet your needs.

This molded polyethylene tank is more economical than steel or fibreglass tanks. It's rugged and impact resistant, with one piece seamless construction.

These tanks come in a variety of sizes for on the farm or at the cottage.


Low Profile, Large, Oval Vertical, Vertical, Free Standing, Lobe

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Transport Tanks


These molded polyethylene water tanks are safe for potable water and more econimical than steel or fiberglass tanks. They're strong and durable for transport and are built to optimize space.

This tank come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.


Loaf, Turtle, Leg, Horizontal, Flat Oval, LP 600, LP 800, LP 1075, LP 1325, LP 2000, LP HD 1350, Vertical Round, Vertical Oval

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