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Researchers tout 'smart' fertilizer - Chemical coating 'reads' the signals from plants and releases nutrients

Written By: Eric Anderson, Sep 28, 2015

26 Sep 2015
Ottawa Citizen


Researchers tout 'smart' fertilizer

Chemical coating 'reads' the signals from plants and releases nutrients

She never planned to study fertilizers. Maria DeRosa, a chemistry professor raised in Ottawa, dreamed of designing drugs that deliver themselves directly to targets inside the human body.

Maria DeRosa in her lab at Carleton U holds a handful of soil.

A decade later she is proudly showing off the results that came when a colleague persuaded her to take a sharp turn, and to deliver "smart" fertilizers to farm crops instead.

DeRosa, from Carleton University, and Carlos Monreal of Agriculture Canada, have designed a way to make fertilizer release its nutrients when crops need them, and lock them up tight when crops don't need feeding. This prevents fertilizer from washing away unused and polluting lakes and rivers.

And the clue to it all was realizing that plants send out signals into the soil, and that DeRosa and Monreal could eavesdrop on them.

The soil under a wheat or canola field is a complex place.

"The soil has microbes and all sort of things going on that are living there," DeRosa said. For instance, a whole community of tiny fungi and bacteria interact with plant roots to help the plant absorb nutrients.

And when wheat or canola need nitrogen, they release chemicals that appear to be a sort of signal — possibly to the soil microbes, telling them to deliver the plant food.

Monreal says ordinary soil contains millions of organisms — bacteria, viruses, insects, worms, fungi — all interacting in a complex world that we don't yet understand. Some of them help plants absorb nutrients.

"We have the Hubble Telescope and we're all the time looking at the stars and galaxies. We're very good at that," he said. "But we invest so little to study what is under our feet, because it's hidden and we don't think about it."

Still, the signal was a clue to feeding plants when they need it most.

Monreal and DeRosa gave the fertilizer a chemical coating. This is the part that qualifies as a smart fertilizer: Chemicals in the coating, called aptamers, react to the "feed me" signal from wheat and canola, and they make the coating break down. This releases the plant food when the plants need it.

It can be adapted for microscopic fertilizer particles or for much larger ones.

It's estimated that farmers in Canada lose $1 billion a year in fertilizer that never reaches the crops, DeRosa said.

"I didn't even realize (at first) that this was a problem."

Yet when fertilizer washes into a body of water, it stimulates the growth of weeds and algae blooms.

At Agriculture Canada in Ottawa, Monreal is studying the signals that comes from plants, hoping to find out how many kinds there are. There's a lot still to learn.

What about home garden applications?

"Sure, tomatoes! Everyone wants to know," DeRosa said. So far, the research is just on grains, which use fertilizers on a much bigger scale. But she advises that patience will pay off for gardeners eventually.

"The mechanism should be the same."

The technique hasn't been commercialized yet, but the pair have been working with industrial partners along the way, and expect patenting and commercial production will follow.

"At the beginning this was science fiction and now we're starting to say: 'Hey, this could actually work'."

But she is also excited to think that the lessons from a wheat field could lead to drug delivery and more uses of smart chemicals, such as delivering a drug to a cancer cell and not to a healthy cell.

"From a science point of view the applications are so broad."

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BoMill TriQ: A Fusarium Management Solution

Written By: April Basset, Mar 25, 2015

The newest technology being brought to the Canadian agriculture industry has benefits for everyone. BoMill, a Swedish company, offers a management solution to the fusarium problem that’s been a growing concern in Western Canada. The BoMill TriQ is a grain sorter that sorts wheat, durum, and barley by protein, vitreousness, and fusarium. Sheldon Ball, the sorter specialist at Flaman, says, “It’s the only product we’re aware of that sorts individual kernels by fusarium.” BoMill increases the accuracy of other processes by analyzing the chemical make-up of kernels, not just the colour, and it does it by individual kernel, instead of in a batch.

Fusarium is a fungus that produces mycotoxins during the infection process. Mycotoxins are toxic and are not destroyed during processing such as milling, baking, malting, or ethanol production.*  The BoMill TriQ grain quality sorter will sort the yields and improve the quality for a top selling dollar. More importantly, the sorted yield will be a safer product for final consumption.

The TriQ is also an excellent tool to clean grain for seed. Its patented technology (read about the NIT below) analyzes the ability a kernel has for germination, or its vitreousness. By setting a fraction to sort by vitreousness, you can get a yield that is 100% capable of germination. Talk about bumper crop potential!

NIT Technology

NIT (Near Infrared Transmission) Technology is a patented sensory system that utilizes infrared light to test the chemical make up of a kernel. This new technology, found only in the BoMill IQ and TriQ products, allows kernels to be sorted according to their germination capabilities (vitreousness), fusarium, and protein content. This technology is capable of yielded a 100% vitreous output, which translates to guaranteed better yield if used for seed. It also means healthier product for consumption by people and animals.

Individual Kernel Analysis
Although other machines exist that focus on individual kernel sorting, such as color sorting, this is the first machine that sorts individual kernels by fusarium. Other methods will take a batch of grain and sort by weight, making heavier and lighter kernels separate to the top and bottom. This is a good method, however the individual kernel analysis yields a higher accuracy.

Wireless Monitoring
The graphical user interface makes it possible to control the sorting using any device with a browser, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Due to its user-friendly design, it makes the training sessions intuitive and time efficient.

Flaman Grain Cleaning is the licensed dealer in Canada for BoMill’s grain sorters. “With Flaman as our Distributor in Canada we will have a strong partner,” says Karin Wehlin, CEO BoMill AB. “Flaman’s long presence in the grain cleaning market and know-how as well as established service organization is important for our future”. You can contact one of Flaman’s staff members to get more information by email or by calling 1-888-435-2626. You can also visit the product page for the BoMill TriQ and IQ products.


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All-Sport Trailers

Written By: Steve Whittington, VP Marketing/Trailer Division ManagerNov 17, 2014

If you have been in the trailer industry as long as I have,you can reflect on trends and the evolution of a product.  One product I believe that has been evolving  quickly is the enclosed all sport trailer. The best place to see this evolution at its most diverse is the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Show and Sale or the Alberta Power Sports Show.  While both of these shows have been dubbed “sled shows” and are run by the provincial snowmobile associations they are so much more than just Snowmobiles shows. 

Over the years I have watched non-snowmobiling recreation power sports creep into these shows (there was a wake boarding boat at the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Show and Sale this year). As the products on display have broadened so too has the versatility of trailers at this show.  Many of the trailers showcased were not just “sled” trailers they were trailers to haul products for all seasons and all sports.  Thus the name all sport. 

So what is an all sport trailer? Its name suggests it is a unit that can transport all power sport equipment.  Fair enough, but the reality is that most of the “all sport” dubbed trailers can only transport a few types of units the name would otherwise imply. So if you are shopping for a true all sport trailer, below are characteristics to look for and reasons why:

  1. Extra Height: If you want to just haul sleds and quads height is not an issue. But as soon as you decide to transport a UTV you will need extra height to clear the rear ramp door opening.  I generally recommend an 84” interior height that will allow for 78” in rear ramp door clearance.  With lots of UTV’s having 76” as their overall height that provides the clearance you need.
  2. Lowboy or Middeck as opposed to the traditional 8.5 ft wide highboy (deck over trailer):  This type of trailer allows for a lower ramp incline making it easier to load quads, sleds, or UTV’s.  The lower ramp angle makes it easier to back sleds in, which is required for many loading configurations with a lowboy or middeck trailers.  The lowboy trailer also allows you to haul a vehicle, and with that toy hauling capacity, now you have an all sport.
  3. 5200 - 6000 lb axles: The machines keep getting bigger and thus heavier.  In the case of mountain sleds 11’ in length is not uncommon and these come with bigger engines every year.  While the manufactures strive to keep the weight down it does continue to creep up. The same trend goes for ATV’s and UTV’s. With the primary cargo getting bigger and heavier more axle capacity makes sense, certainly if you are transporting extra gear along with your snow machines or quads.  The larger axles also provide the payload capacity for a vehicle and can handle some of the rougher roads you may need to travel on to get to your adventure destinations.
  4. Extra Length: As mentioned before all the units are getting bigger and longer. A thrity foot long trailer used to be a rare unit, now we try to keep in stock. While it is not the common size (26’ is still 90% of the units sold) it is no longer uncommon.  Twenty foot long (16’ straight wall plus 4’ v-nose)  3 place trailers with extra height are a very popular size; but because they are too short to transport a car they are not considered an all sport trailer.
  5. 8.5 wide: While 7’ wide inline units are gaining popularity as a multi-use units (they fill in as a standard cargo trailer in the off season) and are easier to tow, turn, back up and park; they have less capacity and of course cannot haul a car (8.5’ wide is needed for a vehicle).

Several additional points to note:

  • These units can be steel frame or aluminum frame. The difference is weight and cost. I use the 1/3 rule: aluminum reduces the curb weight by about 1/3 but adds to the cost by about 1/3 more.
  • Escape doors: Many folk insist they need these.  I agree shimming out your window like a Bob and Luke duke is not a fun task in a confined space of an enclosed trailer. I have a few words of caution.  First if your car has very low clearance there is chance you will not be able to use the escape door because the car door will not clear the inside fender of the trailer.  Second, customers have gotten quite excited about the escape door only to discover after loading their car the escape door does not line up their door, so I would suggest taking some measurements first.
  • Heaters, cabinets, stereos, benches, fan tails, oh my!  The list of options is vast.  Customers sometimes buy the options instead of the trailer.  Figure out what you need and then what you really want and go from there…

Shopping for an all sport can be an exciting experience.  Have fun, and talk to an expert.

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Bin Sense: Secure Your Harvest

Written By: Flaman, Marketing and Communications CoordinatorMay 09, 2014
We all know, in order to prevent grain spoilage, you must keep it at the proper temperature and keep the moisture level low. Millions of dollars are lost every year due to grain spoilage. Intra Grain has a solution to this issue and it is called Bin Sense. Bin Sense monitors your grain 24/7 and, every hour, can wirelessly send you an update on the condition of your grain. This takes the guesswork and risk out of grain storage. Bin Sense not only monitors moisture levels but monitors grain levels as well within the bin so that if theft occurs, you will be notified.
The whole Bin Sense Monitoring system is easy to install and even easier to operate. It uses a magnetic mount at the top of your bin, which makes set up/removal simple. Each unit has been highly tested and does not require the use of a power source because it is entirely solar powered with a backup battery. No struggling with extension cords or generators.

On Intra Grain’s website, you are able to request a quote and read more about the products and technology. Check it out

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Semi Flatbed Trailers, Stock Trailers, and Level loading Trailers. All new this year at Flaman Trailers

Written By: Steve Whittington, Trailer Division ManagerMay 07, 2014

Every year we have Trailer Division training in February and every year we find new products to bring to you our customers.  Organizing the event this year I surprised at the logistics required to make this happen.

Five years ago we had three manufacturers to focus on. We now supply fifteen trailer manufacturers to Western Canada eleven of which were at our inside training event. We consumed an entire exhibition hall in Lethbridge to show case the equipment inside from the cold. Ultimately, that is a lot of product choice for you. Now that spring has sprung these trailers are in our lots ready to be viewed.

Many of these fifteen manufactures many are what I consider speciality products: Office Trailers, Concession Trailers, Mobile Restroom trailers, Sprayer Trailers, car dollies, level loading trailers, fuel trailers... the list goes on. But to be fair many are also mainline manufacturers and we have aligned ourselves with the best in the industry to provide our customers pricing and specification choices or simply put their pick of good better or best. 

What I was excited about most this year however are products I believe we have be needing to supply for quite some time;  Stock and Horse Trailers (which we used to supply), and Semi flat bed trailers. To meet these needs we have aligned ourselves with Corn Pro Trailers for Horse and Stock Trailers and B&B Trailers for Flat Bed Semi Trailers. We have more product information on our website. Both of these brands have been in the industry for a long time and we excited to offer them.  

The last new trailer type we had in our training is quite unique. The company Air Tow Trailers are a worldwide industry leader for level loading trailers. When I was first exposed to this trailer I will admit I raised an eyebrow and thought what use are these trailers? The idea is nice but regular trailers can do the job. The fact is they cannot. The bed of these units lowers completely to the ground and when raised for travel the bed self levels depending on weight distribution on the deck. For loading safes, pianos, sky jacks, pallets, etc. this trailer does a job that other units cannot do: painless and safe loading plus smooth transport. So if you have a special moving consideration, this is the trailer. Listen to our podcastto learn more.

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Everest Edition trailer celebrates Flaman manager's summit

Written By: Jennifer Thompson, Marketing Project ManagerOct 08, 2013

Standing at 28,700 feet above sea level, the crisp mountain air whipping around him, the first rays of morning sunlight glittering on the untouched snow ahead of him, Steve Whittington, Saskatoon mountaineer and Flaman Trailers division manager, took his final steps onto the South Summit as the top of Mount Everest exploded into view. The Hillary Step and final summit ridge were all that remained between him and the top. At that moment, after living on the side of a mountain for almost two months, he knew he was going to make it. 

Whittington and his climbing Sherpa Dawa had been battling a storm for hours considering turning around. When they reached The Balcony they stopped to rest and have a drink. Assessing the situation, Whittington realized his oxygen consumption had been far less than he had originally thought and he didn’t have to change tanks. This meant he was doing better than he realized. “And then I got mad. After 56 days on this mountain I was not going to let a storm turn me around,” Whittington says.
After reaching the South Summit, Whittington traversed the corniced ridge line and quickly climbed the Hillary Step. Then it was an emotional victory march as he made his way to the prayer flag adorned summit. “It was clear, it was bright, it was beautiful,” Whittington recalls. “I burned the moment into my soul.”
As Whittington stood at 29,029 feet, staring at the world below, 10 years of his blood, sweat and tears had finally culminated into that one perfect moment. There’s not a lot of time to celebrate at the top, but he and Dawa took a few moments to place prayer flags and take photos. Snapshots show Whittington with a banner dedicating his summit to childhood friend Warren Thompson and posing with a Flaman Group of Companies flag.
The team at Flaman is extremely proud that one of our own was able to accomplish such an amazing feat. To celebrate Whittington’s summit, Flaman Trailers is introducing the exclusive Everest Edition sled trailers. These trailers come with bonus, value-added features for extra convenience and functionality. Our manufacturers stepped up to help us celebrate and we’re able to offer these features at no extra cost to the customer.
The 2014 XR Series trailers come with new interior kick plates, interior black matte trim, new aluminum rims, a cabinet, coat rack, bench and a 110 Volt Plug. You can see all these great features by clicking here.
All Aluma flat deck snowmobile trailers and the 2 place enclosed sled trailer come with special Everest Edition aluminum rims. To see the different Aluma trailers Flaman has, click here.
Check out these trailers soon, as they are only available this winter! Not all XR sled trailers will feature this new package, so please talk to your local salesperson.
Whittington’s journey to the top of Everest started 10 years ago. He has more than 40 summits to his name, including five of the world’s seven summits.  “Climbing Everest was a longing that I didn’t quite understand,” Whittington says. “But I knew I had to be patient enough to build the skills that I needed to climb it over the past decade.”

Whittington followed a grueling program of work outs and went on several climbing trips to increase his strength and endurance, add weight (he lost 30 pounds on the mountain) and increase his maximal oxygen intake. You can read his training blogs on Flaman Fitness’ Fit Talk blog.
Could there be a second trip up Everest in the future? Whittington is steadfast in his answer: “I have no desire to go back.” But he does have plans to finish the seven summits and eventually tap the top of Vinson Massif in Antarctica and Carstensz Pyramid in Oceania. Right now, he says, he’s focusing on his family. But the pull of the mountain is strong.
“When you’re climbing there are so many uncertainties, so many what ifs. But where other people see uncertainty, I see possibility. This is why I climb.”
Steve on the top of Mt Everest with the Flaman Group of Companies flag.
The new XR Everest Edition sled trailer comes with many great features like:
New aluminum rims                                      Fold down bench
Coat rack
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So You Want a Concession Trailer?

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsJun 25, 2012

At Flaman trailers we have offered concession trailers for some time. With the addition of the Wells Cargo line, we can really offer quality concession trailers from a company that knows the industry requirements.  We do receive requests for quotes for a concession trailer and they range from pointed requests such as “How much?” to more detailed inquiries.

The fact of the matter is when it comes to a concession trailer purchase, it should always be a detailed inquiry. However, you need to know what questions you should be asking prior to contacting a Trailer Sales specialist.
Here is a list of things to think about. In fact, you can use it as a check list prior to contacting us!
What is the Application of the trailer?
o   Food
o   Vending
o   Line-up
o   Display
o   Ticket booth
o   Other:__________
Size (Select the base box size)
o   Single axle 7 wide 12 or 14 long
o   Tandem axle 7 wide 12 ,14, 16 long
o   Tandem axle 8 wide 12 , 16 ,20, 24, 28, 32 long
o   Flat Floor
o   Recessed floor
Roof Profile
o   Radius Roof
o   Flat Roof
o   Permanent A-Frame
o   Removable
Stabilizer Jacks
o   Scissor Jacks
o   Corner Posts
Entry Door
o   30”  Square
o   36” Square
o   36” Radius
Service Windows -Style
o   No (skip next two questions)
o   Vertical Style
o   Horizontal Style
Service Windows – Quantity
o   Curbside
o   Roadside
o   Front
Lift up Awning – Quantity
o   One
o   Two
o   Three
o   More
Lift up Awning Style
o   Straight
o   Sign type –Aluminum faced
o   Sign type Plexiglas Faced
Awning Supports
o   Self Storing –standard up to 8’0” wide without supports
o   Swing out supports Standard on awnings over 8’0” wide
o   Gas Piston Supports
o   Sliding Awning Supports
o   One piece standard vinyl linoleum
o   One piece Heavy Duty skid resistant vinyl linoleum
o   Other
o   None
o   Walls
o   Ceiling
Interior Side Walls
o   Plywood
o   White vinyl covered plywood (light duty)
o   White embossed FRP plywood (heavy duty)
Interior Ceiling
o   White vinyl covered plywood (light duty)
o   White embossed FRP plywood (heavy duty)
o   Laminated Counter (no cabinet)
o   Exterior Hinged Counter
o   Tip-out Laminated Counter
o   Base Cabinet
o   Overhead Cabinet
o   Overhead Plastic Storage trays
Sink Units
o   3 compartment sink – Straight
o   4 compartment sink – Straight
o   4 compartment sink – L -shaped
o   4 compartment sink – Deep
o   30 amp service panel (120 Volt only)
o   50 amp service panel (120/240 Volt)
o   100 amp service panel (120/240 Volt)
o   120 Volt Duplex Receptacle(s)
o   120 Volt Duplex GFI receptacle(s)
o   240 Volt Bell Box (Stub Wire)
o   Exterior 120 Volt Duplex GFI Receptacles
And this is just the start! Do you need and air conditioning, heating, lighting or a vent with an exhaust fan? The list goes on, but if you go through the checklist first you will have a good idea about what you need and the product specialist will be better equipped to answer your question: “How Much?”
For more information and images on options, check out
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Utility Trailers do not have to be poor quality

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsMay 26, 2011
Often the perception is that utility trailers are the bottom rung of the trailer world when it comes to build construction. Granted, the $899 bolt together group of products with 8” tires at the big box stores are well...garbage. Tough words I know, but I have been around long enough and have had to deal with the aftermath of customers' price point purchases to write that strong language.
Things are shifting with manufacturers and trailer retailers, especially at Flaman Trailers. Speciality manufacturers and retailers like Flaman Trailers and Trailtech have recognized a customer need in this area and we are now supplying utility trailers that are quality built at a value.
Are these trailers $899? Well no, they are not. They start at $1,115 or in all aluminum by Aluma for $1,550. These are not bolt together units. They are welded, they have torsion axles or 3500 lb spring axles, some with aluminum rims and the smallest tire is 13” rubber. The steel utilities are generally sporting 15”  rubber most of the time. 
These are quality built units for only a few dollars more and I believe worth your consideration.
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Funding available for flood prevention measures

Written By: Jennifer Thompson, Marketing DivisionMar 07, 2011

Residents in southern and central Saskatchewan could face severe flooding this spring if unfavourable weather conditions continue.

According to a report from the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority, there is potential for above normal spring runoff throughout the southern part of the province, as well as the central area bounded by Kindersley, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and North Battleford and a large portion of the eastern agricultural area. This high runoff is linked to excessive rainfall last year and an above average snowpack.

“Above normal precipitation and/or rapid snow melt will increase the threat of high runoff and risk of flooding,” states the report. “Even with average weather conditions between now and runoff, some localized flooding can be anticipated.”

To help mitigate the potential damage from yet another year of flooding, the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority and the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing have created a $22 million Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program.

Through this program, communities, rural municipalities and farm and country residences can access funding and assistance to implement flood reduction or prevention measures. The program will cover 100 per cent of engineering costs to design flood protection works and cost share a variety of flood protection such as: construction of dykes or berms, pumping, sandbags, material to fill sandbags and equipment rental to fill sandbags.

In anticipation of the needs of many farmers and rural residents this spring, Flaman Sales went looking for products that could help prevent flooding and financial losses at farmyards and homes.

“Flooding is a big concern this year,” says Dave Weightman, Director of Operations for the Flaman Group of Companies. “And being prepared is critical. You can’t start planning for a flood when you see the water coming down the road. We’re here to help our customers and offer them services that, unfortunately, could be in very high demand again this year.”

This year Flaman has a sand bagger to purchase or rent, which easily fills 400 50-lb sandbags in only one hour. The company also carries items like tear-resistant sand bags and water pumps, which can be covered under the funding program.

“I think the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program is a great way to offer assistance. With every disaster there is a cost,” says Weightman. “Many municipalities may have a flood plan, but a lot of individual people may not have access to those resources because of demand.”

Please contact your local watershed authority to learn more about the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program and how to apply. You can also call their head office at (306) 694-3900 or visit

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Multi Deck Trailer

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsJun 30, 2010

The new Trailtech MD270 MultiDeck Trailer is one of this season’s hottest innovations. This is a must see unit for trailer users that have been thinking about another trailer for their fleet, or looking to replace/reduce trailers in their fleet. The trailer has a lowboy position, a highboy position and is a powered tilt in both positions. So this unit is really four units in one.  The dovetail at the rear of the trailer with  the tilting deck eliminates the need for ramps, combine this with the hydraulic cushion, loading equipment is truly a one person job.

Features on this unit include:

1.       Self Contained Hydraulics
2.       Patented MultiDeck
3.       Load Securement: rub rails and stake pockets standard plus D-rings in the axle location.

This unit rides on (2) 7000 lb Torfex (Rubber Torsion) axles with 16” tire providing a 16,100 lb GVWR.  Contact your local rep for more details.

Available at all Flaman Trailer locations.  

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A True Multi-Use Trailer

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsFeb 26, 2010

The New Roll off Dump Trailer is truly a versatile unit. The same chassis can serve as a cargo trailer, flatdeck or dump unit. Currently Southland trailers has released the garbage bin attachment, with the above other attachments soon to follow. We are pretty excited at Flamans to be the first to bring this new unique paradigm changing trailer to the market place.

Often when you drive to a construction site there are multiple trailers present. Cargo Trailers serving as mobile tool cribs or a job site shack. Flat decks for hauling equipment, garbage bin on the ground, and dump trailer for moving dirt or landscaping. Imagine the possibilities and cost shavings of having all these functions combined with one chassis. What if you have two or three job sites!

You only need to register and maintain only one trailer instead of multiple units or if you are renting eliminate rental fees for the occasional rentals by purchasing a cost effective attachment. Additionally the attachments can be spotted and picked up at your convenience and you do not have to worry about the theft of your trailer.

These units are due to be released the middle of March just in time for the start of the spring construction season.

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Great Acreage Trailers

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsFeb 01, 2010

We are really excited about this new four by eight foot dump trailer we have in stock at our Flaman locations.

The product is constructed with an all tubing frame which provides ample strength and allows the wiring to be enclosed. The trailer rides on a 5200 lb spring axle..plenty of payload for an acreage heck plenty of payload for a landscaping contractor! A gas shock on the tool box lid is a nice touch as well as the light mounted on the underside of the lid for when you are working at dawn or dusk. Robust jeep style fenders plus plank brackets for building up the already ample height side walls.

All around a Must see! Must have! trailer at a very reasonable price!

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