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Getting ready for spring

Written By: Eric Anderson, Feb 29, 2016
We saw geese and blue birds this weekend - I guess spring is coming early.  And it doesn't look like flooding will be an issue - well unless we get a big dump of snow - and we may even be able to reclaim some land from the sloughs that grew over the past few years.  So it's time to get into the spring activities list and Flaman has a lot of good used equipment to fix everything.

We have 13 discs, 2 heavy harrows, and 2 rock diggers to reclaim that lost land.

We also have augers ranging from 8" to 13", from swing to stick, to well, you name it.  We have 18 used augers on hand, all in good working condition.  See

You can see a full list of our used equipment ad featured products at
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Used-grain bag rollers make clean-up easy and qualifies for rebate

Written By: Eric Anderson, Nov 05, 2015
Used-grain bag rollers make clean-up easy and qualifies for rebate
The Arc Alloy Pro Grain Bag Roller Model 1510 from Flaman, allows you to quickly roll-up your used gran bags – it sort of turns the stretched out empty bag into a round bail.  A bumper pull or skid mount options can be added to the base model.

See it in action at:
See it at
And, it qualifies for a 50% rebate* with a Saskatchewan Environmental farm Plan
For details on project eligibility and to download a rebate application, contact the Saskatchewan Financial Programs Branch at 1.877.874 or visit
*50 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum of $5,000; all work must occur before January 31, 2018
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Benefits of Buying a Meridian Bin

Written By: Flaman, Ag SalesJan 28, 2015
As an Ag Sales Representative for Flaman, it seems natural to launch my blog with something I have grown up with.  It’s something I truly have a passion for, and hopefully something that will give some insight into your decision making process when buying a Meridian bin.
I started my young career working for Meridian Manufacturing- then known as Wheatland Bins - in the welding shop pushing a broom, then I moved to the wash bay, and eventually to powder coating and finishing a completed bin.
Following that, my crew and I ventured out on our own building corrugated bins across Alberta.  Today when I discuss grain and fertilizer storage needs with prospective customers, I find I have a unique perspective both in smooth walled and corrugated bins as well as 8complete storage systems.
So what are the benefits of buying a Meridian Bin? Let’s begin with the question of choosing a smooth skin over a corrugated line.
Let’s face it, there are many corrugated bins to choose from; Twister, Westeel, Behlen, Gobal, the list goes on and on. The main line of thinking is that Meridian is the more expensive option, and choosing a corrugated line will save money. Although this may be true, the real savings with corrugated bins come when you get into much larger scale flat bottom bins. The small increase in price when moving to a Meridian can easily be offset when thinking about its benefits.
1)   Customer Service – Ready to use upon delivery
2)   Durability - All weather eco-friendly powder coat finish
3)   Resale – heavy duty no compromise quality that can be moved
4)   Value – inspected, exceeding industry standards
5)   Peace of Mind – saving time and money
Now that I have you thinking about Meridian Bins specifically- here are a few things to consider when purchasing the right bin for you.
1)   How much more storage you are hoping to gain?
Meridian carries a variety of sizes of smooth wall bins. From 6’ diameter feed bins all the way to 18’ diameter fertilizer and grain storage.
Typically for transportation purposes, a 16’ diameter bin is used and can get you up to 6000 bushels of storage.
2)   How long is your loading auger? This will determine your overall height of bin
If you’re not in the market to buy a new auger with your bin purchase, you will want to make sure your current one is up to the task. Below is a simple chart.
Grain Max
Total Height
Auger Length
3)   What kind of product do you want to store?
If you are looking for an easy solution for grain storage only, the grain max series provides you with convenient no hang up storage. If you are wanting to have the option to store both fertilizer and grain, a multipurpose bin will suit your needs.
Liquid storage, as well as HD storage for cement or sand are also an option through the Meridian commercial division.
4)   What options can I bundle with my new bin?
Flaman can provide you with all the necessary options to go along with your new grain bin. Aeration fans, rockets, as well as temperature and moisture cables are great additions to protect your investment and give you peace of mind.
Beyond these advantages comes further benefits and savings. Consider the money you can save by purchasing a fertilizer bin this year.
If you are able to buy your Fertilizer- let’s take ammonia at *$570 in a low season in your new Meridian 1625 bin. Then in high season the price jumps to $670 per ton. You’re saving $100 per ton, and are able to take as much as 165 tonnes. $16,500. In exactly one purchase you have paid almost paid for your bin.
Later during harvest, you have the ability to store excess grain, throw in an aeration tube, even carefully control and maintain temperature throughout the storage season. The complete system all taken care of by your local provider, Flaman.


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Why built in Canada still matters

Written By: Steve Whittington, Trailer Division ManagerJul 25, 2014

Trailtech TD 210It was a Friday.  I was at our Nisku location and I was leaving the dealership walking through the lot headed home for the weekend. I walked past a Trailtech TD 210 that had a few  modified options on it. I looked the trailer over as I always do when walk past any unit in our yard. As I walked along the length of the unit from taillights to hitch I noted the features, fit and finish, quality of build, overall appearance, etc, etc, etc…when I reached the hitch  I saw this trailer had just gone through our pre-delivery inspection process (as the sticker slapped on the front of the gooseneck indicated).  I then stopped and looked back down the length of the trailer.

“This is a damn fine trailer”  I thought to myself.  So  I took a closer look at the welds and the convenience features on the unit (some installed by us).  I started to really critic the unit looking at the decking for cracks and other imperfections; I looked under the frame at the paint coverage; I followed the wiring harness (note I wrote wiring harness not strand wiring) along the frame paying attention to how it was secured and protected.  Everything on this trailer was perfect. No matter how hard I looked I could not find any problems with the trailer.  Quite honestly, this is not an exception to the rule, it is the rule: Trailtech product has outstanding consistent quality. 

Call me bias (Trailtech is Canadian built, and a brand FGC has a longstanding history with) but I believe the quality that goes into to trailers built in Canada, for Canadian conditions is underappreciated. To address this I decided to give you reasons as a Canadian consumer why you should buy a Canadian built Trailtech.

1)      Quality of Build.  As in many products there are a good, better and best for light industrial trailers. At Flaman Group of Companies  we sell products that fit into all three categories in order to meet the various needs of various customers.  These categories are differentiated by features and quality which ultimately means different pricing.  Trailtech as a brand offers a good, better and best  models for each category. Where I believe they really shine (and customers have been voting this way with their dollars) is in the best category.  The Premier and Industrial series generally have no equal in the market place.  If you need a reliable trailer as a tool for your business, to me it makes sense to invest in a Trailtech that will always do what you need and last the test of time.

2)      Canadian weather and road conditions. They are awful, both our roads and our weather and many trailer brands are built for the warm flat highways of the southern states as opposed to the gravel and pitted frozen highways of the Canadian north.  For these conditions you need paint that can absorb some of the mechanical impact of road rocks at -40 and a RV plug that will not shatter when you fight to plug it into your tow vehicle.   Trailtech based in Gravelburg SK lives in and understands these conditions.  A Trailtech trailer is made to deal with this weather without fuss.

3)      Warranty: We sell thousands of Trailtech products every year.  They get horribly abused by some customers (another story) and yet we rarely hear of any issues. That said no company is perfect.  The product is built by people and people make mistakes (as we all do).  What defines a product and company is what they do when that happens. It has been my experience that between Trailtech and Flaman when a mistake happens that affects the customer,  the Trailtech and Flaman people always make it right.

Lastly Americans market buy American all the time to support American companies and American workers. Let me be shameless and proudly yell the same thing: Buy Canadian!  Yes I am a hypocrite as we sell many American brands across many of our divisions( including the Trailer Division).  Being a leader in retail we need to provide the leading products in their appropriate categories in order to provide the best customer experience to our customers. That said, there are Canadian products that we sell that are the best in their categories (Trailtech is one of them)…Buy Canadian and support Canadians.

 So if you are in the market for your first trailer or are adding one to your fleet. Think about Canadian quality.  Quality comes with a cost but I believe it is worth it.

Trailtech TD 210 custom option


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Sourcing new trailers at NATDA 2013

Written By: Steve Whittington, Trailer Division ManagerSep 18, 2013

I landed in St. Louis at 11:30 pm Wednesday the day before the North American Trailer Dealer Association Tradeshow started.  I have been making the pilgrimage to NATDA for that last five years.  The event has been improving every year with more vendors exhibiting in the tradeshow and a higher quality speaker line up for the education sessions.  As a team we travel to St. Louis to stay on top of industry trends, to learn about new and innovative products and how to improve our business practices.  Attending the show refocuses us on the trailer business and provides us with great ideas for what more we can do for our customers.

 From Alberta Les Bachinsky and Tim McMullen flew down and from Saskatchewan Darrell Knash and Lee Prefontaine attended the show.  Les and I have been going to NATDA since the beginning but for the other three this is a new event.   Les and I both feel that it is important for different members of the sales team to get down to NATDA to see how big the industry is and to learn about what is out there. Additionally, I feel bringing new people every year brings new perspectives that see things differently than Les and I do, and I must admit I learn from the team and sometimes re-evaluate previous decisions.  Obviously lots of our manufacturers are in attendance and it is great to spend time with them and see what new products they have coming out for the next year.
From this show we decided to work towards adding the following to our line up:
Air-tow trailers: Trailers specifically designed for ground level loading.
Jumping Jack Tent Trailer:  Easy to use pop tent trailers (with tent insert) that can be pulled out to provide full use of the trailer
Horse and Stock Trailers: there was a time that Flaman Trailers provided horse and stock trailers to our customers.  We have not carried horse and stock trailers for over five years and you, our customers, still ask for them.  Well, by spring of 2014 we will have aluminum and steel products for you once again. We are evaluating a number of brands but we are committed to providing these products to you.
Fuel Trailers:  We are reviewing Canadian regulations on this product line.  There are many different types being built in the U.S., however Canadian regulations are far stricter than our American counterparts and at this time we have not found a manufacturer that meets Canadian regulations.
Beyond these product lines there were lots of little ideas: color combination, speciality options, attachments, new parts and accessories.  The list goes on and on....we are excited about what we will have to offer in 2014.
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Harvest Report: Crop progress and removing dockage

Written By: Mitch Flaman, Sales and MarketingSep 06, 2013

A few weeks ago when I started this blog entry, I was excited to report that agriculture equipment dealerships were approaching sold-out inventory levels and already delivering machinery to numerous producers province-wide. It was actually a bittersweet situation getting stuck on a secondary highway behind a semi hauling a combine for 16 miles with no option to pass. But, on the other hand, it was exciting to know that harvest was just around the corner. Needless to say, a few weeks later harvest is now in full swing and farmers are going hard.

To date, 14% of Saskchewan crops are combined and are experiencing above average yields (Sask Agriculture). “We haven’t seen crops like this in years,” one producer told me as he was gearing up to go swathing. “Let’s just hope the weather permits.” The 2013 crop season is looking to record bumper crops in many areas. One major worry for many producers is the fear of the dirty “F” word – frost. A late spring has consequently resulted in many crops province-wide maturing over a week late due to limiting seeding situations. This creates a vulnerable situation as the growing season is also extended by a week or more. On the plus side, we have been experiencing lots of hot and dry weather with no sign of frost in the near future. Fingers crossed, but if weather continues to cooperate there is going to be a province full of happy farmers with full bins.

As harvest is underway, producers are becoming more aware of volunteer varieties and other unwanted dockage in their crops. A windy harvest last year blew swaths all over fields and caused unwanted shelling of many commodities. Lots of these seeds germinated and grew into dockage this year. Flaman Grain Cleaning & Handling offers the answer to many of these situations, such as the Kwik Kleen grain cleaner. Whether you have volunteer flax in you oat crop or pesty Kochia growing in your wheat, the Kwik Kleen is designed to remove unwanted foreign material, as long as it can be sifted out.

Although the Kwik Kleen is not a “grain cleaner” in the sense that it is not designed to produce grain clean enough for seeding purposes, it can help clean out the bulk of smaller weed seeds from the larger sample. Kochia is a prime example of a weed seed that farmers would want to remove from their grain with a Kwik Kleen cleaner. Kochia’s high moisture content causes heating once it is mixed in a bin with other grains. This heating can ruin an entire bin full of grain, leaving it fairly useless to the farmer. The Kwik Kleen cleaner removes the Kochia from various grains like wheat, Durum, and other cereals by dropping it through a screen separation as it is augered through the Kwik Kleen before entering the bin.

I am pleased to say that in my opinion the future is looking bright for the 2013 crop year! Good luck to all the producers out there working from sunup to sundown and stay safe trying to get this year’s crop in the bin!

Happy Harvest
Mitch Flaman


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A Flaman Pro Grain Bagger? Yes Please!

Written By: Mark Flaman, Aug 15, 2013

The reasons for purchasing a grain bagger are obvious. If you're still hung up on the decision, I'll try and make it a little easier for you.

There has been quite a large shift over the past few years with farmers not being able to store all of the grain they yield in bins due to a really great harvest, so we're stuck with this problem. We need more storage, the grain bins are full, and the bin crews can't get out to the yard or it is impossible to even acquire more bins. The simple solution? Chuck the commodity in a giant plastic bag where it is not affected by weather or moisture changes, right in the same field it was harvested from. With the cost of grain bags dropping (0.6c / bushel) it's becoming much more mainstream, and I think we can expect to see more and more bags in the field as time goes on.

There are a couple more main reasons for bagging. If you've got combines in different fields during a great year for harvest such as 2013, chances are you're going to be running trucks full time and putting wear on them just to keep up with the combines and getting the commodity into the bins. With a grain bagger, you can just drive over to the bagger in the same field with the grain cart or combine, unload into the bagger, and it'll sit there until you either have bin storage available to dry the grain, or until you'd like to haul it to the terminal. Remember that these grain bags don't fluctuate in moisture content, whatever you put in will come out the same way.

If bin storage space is an issue, we see a lot of our customers using grain rings with tarps, but they let in moisture and whatever grain is sitting on the ground is sure to spoil at some point. You can keep the grain in a bag for even two years, and be able to pull it out and haul it away.

All in all, the way we're farming changes every year, and bagging grain is something that is becoming extremely common. We carry the Flaman Pro Grain Bagger at all of our mainline locations, and the bags to go with them as well. Need the extractor to take the grain out? We sell those too, both new and refurbished. For more information and specifications of the Flaman Pro Grain Bagger, please visit


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Equipment Demo Day

Written By: Flaman, Aug 06, 2013

Flaman Yorkton is planning an Equipment Demo Day for Tuesday, August 20, 2013. It will be held in the field behind Flaman and it will run from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The objective is to teach the proper operation of the equipment as well as to give some hands on experience.

Equipment to be demoed:

  • Schulte
  • Kello
  • Farm King
  • Wishek
  • Pro Dozer

Time permitting:

  • Riteway Harrow
  • Grain Bagger

If you are interested in attending e-mail

Pro Dozer

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Choosing Between an Auger and Conveyor

Written By: Mark Flaman, Marketing DivisionJul 25, 2013

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose a conveyor over an auger or vice versa, but I'll make it a little easier for you to figure out exactly which product will best suit you.

One of the biggest factors in someone purchasing brand new for the first time will be the cost. Conveyors are quite a bit more expensive than augers, but tend to last two to three times longer overall than an auger. The flighting on an auger would have to be replaced before it has put through one million bushels, where we've seen the belting on a conveyor last three to four million bushels.  

You can also get away with a shorter auger for the size of bin you're loading into, as the unloading angle is a lot higher on an auger, versus having the grain fall back down the conveyor belt once it reaches a certain angle. The motor on a conveyor is positioned higher up on top of its tube, to avoid the interaction with chaff, and requires less horsepower than an auger. 

The last big thing that you may be concerned about is what kinds of commodities compliment the auger or conveyor. A conveyor will be more gentle and avoid cracking on pulse crops such as peas and lentils, but canola and other oil seeds are not recommended because the oil deteriorates the belt and gets gummed inside the conveyor. Augers, however, love oil seeds, as they almost lubricate the machine, leading to a much longer auger lifespan. 

Now that you've got all your information, give us a call for some pricing or check out our selections of augers here and conveyors here.

This handy infographic can help you decide whether an auger or a conveyor is best suited for your operation.

Choosing between an auger and a conveyor

 Download this infographic


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The Hidden Benefits of OPI

Written By: Mark Flaman, Jul 10, 2013

    With moisture accuracy within one tenth of a percent and temperature down to one Fahrenheit, OPI Temperature and Moisture monitoring systems have become the industry standard in grain monitoring over the past quarter-century. Most of us are aware about the savings and efficiency of the system, but there are a ton of other features that are often not mentioned.

    For instance, you're travelling down south during the winter months and you haven't got a clue what's happening back at the homestead. All of the sudden, you get an alarm on your cell phone that tells you grain is being drained from one of your bins. If you haven't scheduled a truck to pick any of it up, chances are there is a theft underway. Now all you've got to do is call a brother or a cousin to go check things out. For most people, this is a fantasy but it has recently become a reality with the Integris system by OPI. It monitors the levels of grain in your bins, and can be set up to send you a text message or e-mail when grain is being drawn, if grain is overheating or if it's getting too wet or dry.

    The system can also handle the automatic drying of grain if it's hooked up to a fan control that the system supplies. Basically, you tell the software what type of grain is in which bin, what temperature and moisture levels you want the grain at, and the system will automatically kick the fan on at certain times to ensure that your commodity is emptied in your ideal condition. An example would be the drying / rehydrating of soybeans. We've seen cases where a customer will fill a bin of soybeans with a moisture content of between ten and nineteen percent, and will end up with a final moisture content of between thirteen and fourteen percent, thus securing their premium.

    The system can also be outfitted with a mobile weather station that measures different aspects of the outdoor ambient weather, and calculates when the optimal time to heat or dry grain would be. In any case, you're looking for the most effective way to monitor all aspects of your grain, not just the temperature. We have a team of experts and installers on staff to get you outfitted with the best setup for your bin yard. CLICK HERE for more information and specs on all of the grain monitoring equipment we sell.


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Sled Trailer Season Has Started!

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsNov 07, 2011

The days are getting  colder, Halloween has come and gone and this means Sled Trailer season has started!

Flaman Trailers is excited for the start of the season. Flaman Trailers has already been to the Alberta Snowmobile show and the Saskatchewan Snowmobile show.

We have more product choices for you than ever before. Starting with the economical offering of our steel framed Summit Series trailers to the all flat black Stealth trailer from NashCar Trailers, we truly have a trailer for every sled.  Our open deck line has expanded as well. Aluminum tilt trailers with a five year warranty are always popular units.  For the 2012 season Trailtech  has produced a special edition open deck two place. It is an eye catcher with flat black paint, silver reflective tape, white LED lighting and series 7 aluminum rims. 

However, the show stopper is the ultimate custom Stealth 40 foot long gooseneck. This trailer features mirrored interior walls, black hard top flooring, a kitchenette, a rocking stereo system with no less than 4 subs, air conditioning, a 40,000 BTU heater, insulated generator set...and the list goes on and on.  

Last and most exciting is the new photo contest Sled'N Snap ( Flaman Trailers partnered with the Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba snowmobile associations to bring this exciting contest to the sledding community. The contest has it all: six categories to enter into, an entry prize of a two place aluminum tilt trailer per province, and the grand prize, use of a 28’ tag Stealth trailer for a year.  

So this winter season there is a lot going on at Flaman Trailers.  Check back often to keep in the loop.

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Toy hauler Camper Trailer from Nash Car Trailers

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsAug 02, 2011

In many ways this product is nothing new, but this product is part of new specialization occurring with trailer products. Let me explain.

Living Quarter units for horse trailers have been around for a long time and the idea originated from cowboys tired of sleeping in the trucks and being on the rodeo circuit more than they were at home. 
This evolved to include weekend riders and then weekend warriors thus the RV industry followed suit creating toy haulers. In many ways the living quarters began to outstrip the original purpose of the trailers which was move something somewhere.
In my career, the need for simple sleeping accommodation with a trailer has been a constant request. Over the years the options have been as follows:
  • High End LQ units
  • Custom built units
  • Customer modified units (customer takes a stock unit and makes what they need)
  • Unit vented and the customer throws in a mattress
Now the Nash Car Trailers Rage Camper Unit meets this need in the following ways:
  • A Simple pull out allows for affordable, quick, comfortable accommodation.
  • The pull out allows for full use of the trailer box
  • The unit can be customized for different cargo (extra height for side by side units, or extra length) or more features: Awning, Stereo, water, base cabinets, the list goes on.
  • The unit is all aluminum so it will not rust, light to pull plus it is stylishly designed (the triple wedge front really stands out)
So if you are looking for a trailer which can haul all your toys and then provide decent sleeping accommodation the Nash Car Rage Camper is your unit.
Ask any of our product specialists for more details.
Tell us what you think? Has the missing link between camper and hauler finally been filled?


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Are hydraulic trailers the next big trend?

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsJul 05, 2011
The trailer industry has traditionally been a fairly static industry.  Take the decade from 1998 to 2008: there were few developments other than more wide-spread use of enclosed trailers.
The last three years have witnessed an explosion of developments.  A lot of these developments have been with hydraulics.  For instance, Roll Off Dump trailers, multi-deck trailers, 9’ hydraulic tails and more hydraulic tilt models than ever before.
What does this mean for you, a user of trailers? The hydraulics add cost, but not as much as before; because of the increased use of scissor lifts, the costs have been driven down by economies of scale. There is also a big increase in ease of use or just downright convenience.  The flip over ramps on an industrial trailer are nothing but heavy and awkward and a hydraulic tail is pretty nice to use in comparison.  
The other thing besides convenience is versatility.  Some of the hydraulic trailers are multi-function.  Heck, one unit is called “Multi-Deck”, and a Roll Off Dump unit can roll on a cargo or flat deck attachment, making it “three trailers in one.”
All this being said, there are, as always, financial considerations.  The Roll Off Dump while being “three trailers in one” only starts to provide a cost advantage by the third attachment. One could make the argument that you could buy three trailers instead of one.  The same kind of argument can be made for a Multi-Deck.  Granted, I am comparing two or three entry levelled priced units to these top end units, but that still has to be a consideration. To be fair, one has to put operating costs in the equation; the hydraulic units have only the operating costs of one versus three, which is a point worth considering.
I can rant and rant about the pluses and minuses of the recent influx of hydraulic trailers.  I do believe they are here to stay and I do believe they have a place and application.  In some cases they not only make sense, but considering the alternative, an operator would be crazy not to have one given the choices available.
So are they the next big trend? Well no, I think trailer specialization is the next big trend and hydraulic units are just a part of that trend... but that is another topic for another time.
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New Enclosed Trailer Line Up

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsFeb 22, 2011

The 2011 Lightning line by Southland Trailer Corp has been redesigned away from a V-nose back to the traditional flat front.

Economy without Comprise

Sure it's a tag line, but really what else should I write, because the line is the proper description for the Lightning trailer. Sometimes you do not want a trailer with all the bells and whistles - you might be a customer that is only going to use a trailer several times a year, or maybe you have just started a business and cash is tight. Either way with the new Lightning line, Flaman Trailers has the trailer for you.

The new Lightning line has an all tubing main frame. The interior is lined with plywood not luan and the units ride on robust spring axles. Sure the aluminum skin is mechanically fastened with screws and the the lights are incandescent as opposed to LED lighting, but these are standard specifications for this class of trailer.  The rear taillights are rubber mounted and most LED lights are fix mounted. I personally still debate whether a rubber mounted LED which can absorb travel shock will last longer than a fixed mounted LED with has to take the full jarring impact of the road.

As mentioned above, the unit is a flat front in the traditional style of enclosed trailers and conforms to the standard box sizes.  You, our customer, have been asking for an entry level priced unit and through consultation with our partner manufacturer this line up is it.

Canadian made, Canadian value, Flaman Trailer services what we sell. Come to our locations and see the new Lightning trailers starting at $2,995.

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Crop Production Show 2011 at Prairieland Park

Written By: Mark Flaman, Marketing DivisionJan 10, 2011

If you’ve gotten bored of the snow and have some free time over the next couple days, stop by the Crop Production show at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon! We will be exhibiting our Agriculture, Parts and Grain Cleaning divisions.

We have on display at the Agriculture booth (Hall E) two J&M Grain carts (one with an electronic scale), an Arc Alloy Pro Grain Bagger, a Tridekon Extractor, a 41’ Batco Conveyor with a mover kit, a Batco Transfer auger, a Wheatheart 10”x41’ auger with a diesel motor and mover kit, an OPI Systems Grain Monitoring display, a Schulte Crop Residue Shredder and a Hi-Man tow rope display.

In Hall A, we find the Grain Cleaning booth filled with Satake Color Sorters, grain elevator bucket systems and grain cleaning screen. You can see the Color Sorters working at any time! If you stop by there, be sure to check it out, it looks and works like something from a fiction novel.

Our Parts display in Hall B replicates a miniature version of our full-size Highway 16 location showroom. We’ve got water tanks on stands, fittings, pumps, engines, tow ropes and straps and any of the odds and ends you can think of when it comes to servicing or replacing parts and accessories for your agricultural equipment.

The show runs from January 10th to the 13th.


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The good and not so bad about heated enclosed sled trailers

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsDec 30, 2010

This year we brought in a standardized insulation and heating package for our XR enclosed sled trailers. The package was designed to be simple and robust and it really is! It includes a 25,000 BTU forced air propane heater with a 35 lb underbelly mount propane tank. To start the unit the operation is simple – move the thermostat to the desired heat level and an interior battery will fire up the unit. Presto! You now have heat.

To understand the units we have been field testing them. The system is easy to use and warms a three place enclosed sled trailer at -10 in about ten minutes. It really is quite comfortable and fast. The insulation in the roof, walls and floor keep the heat in well. You’re going to need that in this weather!

There are a couple of things we don’t like: there’s no remote fill on the tank. Not having this option does keep the costs down, but that is hardly remembered when you are struggling on your back beneath the unit to fill the propane tank. While filling the tank is not an everyday occurrence, when it does happen it is a nuance, and you have to make sure wherever you are getting it filled has a long enough hose to reach.

The second thing we did not like was shutting the system down. If you do not push the thermostat into the right position it stays on and drains your battery. This has occurred for us in our lots with customers while showing off the unit, so most likely this is not applicable in the field.

In conclusion, the good far outweighs the bad. The system works well and produces heat fast! We are looking at carrying a remote fill kit for aftermarket purchase in case you get tired of crawling around beneath the trailer.


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Deciphering Grain Grades

Written By: Mitch Flaman, Grain Cleaning DivisionNov 22, 2010

Frustration regarding grain standards is on the rise. Although the Canadian Grain Commission claims that they try to equally apply grading standards from year to year, a number of grading factors are still susceptible to human discretion.

It is important to know just exactly what is in each bin and what you may potentially be offering as a sample, especially on a year like this where quality problems are sinister. Flaman Group of Companies offers a variety of different tools and equipment to make sure your sample is as accurate as possible this year. They offer Brass Grain Probes for obtaining samples, Hand Tester Sieve Kits for testing dockage, and even bug lights for checking for insects. Various Air/Screen machines, and even colour sorters can be purchased for an exceptional result.

Swing by your local Flaman location today and check out some of these great products.

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Ultimate Enclosed Sled Trailer- The Boom Boom Trailer

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsNov 06, 2010

Sometimes seeing is believing. Last night was the opening night for the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Show and Flaman Trailers has a 4,200 square foot booth, twelve trailers, five Flaman Salesmen and three factory representatives working the booth, plus three show girls to hand out brochures. With all the space and trailers and the draw of the Boom Boom trailer it was all the girls could do to keep up with handing out brochures.

Why is our booth so popular? Well the Aluma trailers and the XR Series enclosed sled trailers are dialed in to provide the best value on the market. They are a big draw by themselves but the all black Stealth Nash Car unit and the Boom Boom trailer really get people excited. I mean really excited! While I was working there was a lull in the crowd for just a moment. When I mean lull, one Product Rep was not helping a customer and the rest of us were being a salesman he cranked the Boom Boom's stereo.  I shot him a nasty glance as I was trying to answer questions and now the roar of the music (from six speakers and two subs) made it more difficult. He shrugged his shoulders and pointed at the wave of people coming to check out the Boom Boom trailer. I am not exaggerating...a literal wave of people was working down the aisle and through the booth to the trailer. If we were being invaded we had just become completely overrun! Over twenty people lined up and started working their way through the trailer.

Sometimes seeing is believing,  so if you read this post and are anywhere near Saskatoon you ought to come down to the show and see the Boom Boom and the Stealth for yourself. You will not be disappointed, and if you want the girls will give you a tattoo!

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Sled Trailer Season is here!

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsOct 30, 2010

Well, snow has arrived and so have our sled trailers.  This year Flaman Trailers is very excited about our line up.  The XR Series Enclosed Sled Trailer is packed with features. An all aluminum interior, overhead cabinet and black hard top flooring are just a few of the standard fetaures. Two tone colours to match your sled have been brought in across our eight locations, and we have more selection than ever before: heater packages, insulated, lowboy toyhualers, 7 wide inline sled trailers and the list goes on.

Our flat deck sled trailers have the same amount of choice: aluminum or steel, tilt or drive on drive off.  Salt shields, aluminum rims, torsion or spring axles are available.  

Once you pick your trailer our parts departments are stocked with accessories to make your trailer your way: helmet bays, shelving, broom hangers, base cabinets and much, much more.

Come in today to outfit your trailer needs for this winter! 

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XR Sport - Side by Side ATV Trailer

Written By: Flaman, Product Specialist - Flaman Trailer DivisionSep 01, 2010

Southland Trailers Has recently came out with a new addition to their enclosed line up. The XR Sport Model is designed specifically to haul your side by side ATV.

The trailer comes standard with extra 8” of height with allows you enough room to ride your ATV in with ease. (rear door height - 81", rear door width - 74") The entire frame is constructed of hollow structural steel (HSS). Full tubing construction means increased strength and rigidity. We upgraded the flooring to high grade structural mezzanine decking, perfect for construction or recreational use.

The Sport model comes standard with 4, recessed D-rings rated at over 500lbs each for the safety of whatever you’re hauling. An aluminum tread plate 24” rock guard wraps the front of this trailer, On some models we have also added aluminum rims, this increases longevity of the rim and gives the trailer a polished look. The XR Sport comes standard with Flo thru vents and utilizes slim line LED lighting throughout the exterior of the trailer.

There are many color options available to you, here we feature our “Camo Edition” this is a limited edition trailer with only a few models available. This unique trailer would be great for hauling your side by side on your next hunting trip! Because of the many features this trailer has such as the extra height and heavy duty flooring we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from customers who use the trailer for more commercial and industrial uses as well.

Whatever you chose to use this trailer for, you will be satisfied with the quality and workmanship that Southland Trailers provides For more information, please contact your local Flaman Trailer Dealer.

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Why Buy Aluminum

Written By: Steve Whittington, Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsFeb 01, 2010

Well, there are many reason to buy an aluminum trailer vs a traditional steel trailer. Firstly Aluminum is lighter by 35- 45% which means your payload is going to be higher than a steel trailer with the same axle rating. Generally though most aluminum trailers have a lighter axles than their steel counterparts but are still able to offer the same payload. This equals a less weight to haul (better fuel economy) and your trailer is easier to move around when hitching up.

Another big advantage of aluminum is that it does not rust nor will you have a rotting wood deck to replace (considering you purchased an aluminum decked trailer). A simple acid wash brings the shine of the trailer immediately back.

One of the main misperceptions about aluminum trailers is that aluminum is not as strong as steel. Actually pound for pound aluminum can be two and half times as strong as steel. The extruded shape and type of aluminum used provides a higher tensile strength. Finally if aluminum was weaker why are airplanes made of it?

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