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Flaman Culture - and an exciting new careers page

Written By: Lindsay Sanderson, Customer Relations ManagerMay 24, 2012

Over the past couple weeks I have been working on an exciting project – building our new careers site. With a lot of help from our awesome design team, we finally have a shiny new careers site for you to see what is happening at Flaman.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was creating a page that exhibited and explained the Flaman Group of Companies’ culture. Flaman is a diverse company with many locations and divisions. Each location and division does things a little bit differently, so writing about the Flaman culture in a way that would be true to everyone was difficult. Flaman is like no place I have ever worked (or for that matter like any of the places my friends have worked). Explaining our “secret sauce” or what makes us tick was hard because there aren’t really words to describe it. It’s more of a feeling, an unsaid way of doing things that guides us all in the same direction.

I finally got the idea that Flaman is different after about 100 tries (sometimes it takes me a while). I realized that the Flaman culture can’t be explained or summed up. It’s something you have to experience. So I decided to be a little different. I pulled all the words that I kept hearing in my conversations with our team (words like supportive, growth, family, caring) and put them into a cloud. This is what creates the word cloud you see today on the Flaman Culture page.

Flaman Culture Word Cloud

Then someone else gave me an awesome idea of using a picture of our Saskatoon team dressed up for the Rider game. I think the picture says it all. We are a crazy, quirky bunch who love to have a good time. So please, if you have a couple minutes, check out and tell me how we did.



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marcel martinSep 07, 2012 - 10:00 am

i always talk with my little brother ,about how we used to go to Regina from weyburn.and our dad just loved visiting with his old buddy Frank lil bro and i talked about how ,when we grew up ..we wanted to be just like Frank Flaman ..Frank Flaman ,has always been a shinning beacon to my lil brother and myself. we remember and love you dearly in our hearts Mr. Flaman ..we live in B.C. now,but our hearts still sore in the Saskatchewan skies. ..our father Normand j. Martin passed a few years back ,but the people he introduced us to ,will stay with us forever.thank you Frank,for being our dad`s good buddy. ..i still have the carpet runner u gave me when i was 10 or marcel a.j. martin Victoria,B.C.

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