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Grain Carts customized to fit your needs.

Written By: Dave Weightman, Aug 20, 2010

Farming is full of variables, there is no denying that fact. You need equipment that can be customized to meet your needs.

With Grain Carts we recommend the JM Grain Storm series. This series comes equipped with a front folding corner auger, low profile and narrow transport design. All very important standard features.

1)     Front Folding Corner Auger this is very important as the unique design on the JM Grain Cart provides 100 % visibility during unloading AND equally important 100% visibility during the folding process
2)     Low Profile and Narrow Transport Design – farm to farm transport is easier and faster with the narrow design plus maximum clearance is allowed from the combine header. The low profile makes it easier for the combine operator to fill the tank. To customize to your needs choose from: 1)      Flotation Tires or 2)      Walking tandem dual wheels or
3)      Storm Tracker tracks
4)      Sizes from 1000 –to 1325 bushel capacity
5)      20” or 22” unloading auger Flaman product specialists will help you determine the best fit for your farming needs, specifically built for you.

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