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Russia, Ukraine may cut grain crop forecasts as temperatures rise

Written By: Eric Anderson, Jul 10, 2015

Reuters is reporting that

Major Black Sea wheat exporters Russia and Ukraine may cut their official 2015 grain crop forecasts as recent hot weather has raised the risks to plants and rains elsewhere have delayed the harvest and dented quality, farmers and officials said.

Russia and Ukraine’s agriculture ministries have said if hot weather persists into mid-July, they may have to lower their grain crop forecasts from the current 100 million and 60 million tonnes, respectively.

They go on to say that

However, these areas are not crucial for the country’s total crop, while the situation in southern Russia, the most important region for wheat growing and exports via the Black Sea, is quite good . . . .

They note that

Adamenko currently predicts Ukraine’s 2015 grain crop at 59.6 million tonnes.

Russia’s Grain Union is keeping its 2015 grain crop forecast unchanged at 95-96 million tonnes for now, Zlochevsky said.

Russian farmers have harvested 7.5 million tonnes of all grains from two million hectares as of July 9, down from 10.9 million tonnes at the same stage a year ago. Yields were at 3.79 tonnes per hectare, up from 3.54.

Ukrainian farms have already harvested grain from 1.1 million hectares compared with 2.9 million hectares at the same date in 2014.


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