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Meat and dairy to eclipse biofuel in agriculture demand - FAO/OECD

Written By: Eric Anderson, Jul 16, 2015

Reuters is reporting that  . . .

Changing diets in emerging countries will boost global demand for meat and dairy products in the next 10 years, shifting grain supply towards livestock feed as use of crop-based biofuel is curbed by lower oil prices, the FAO and OECD said.


In their annual Agricultural Outlook report released on Wednesday, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development confirmed a broad trend set out last year of moderate food prices due to production gains and less vigorous demand.

They go on to say that . . .

Animal protein consumption would in turn boost use of grains and oilseeds for livestock feed.


Animal feed demand would account for 70 percent of growth in world consumption of coarse grains - mainly corn (maize) - in the next 10 years, double its share in the previous decade when it lagged the near 40 percent contribution of biofuels, the report said.


Biofuel demand would be capped by lower oil prices, which have made it unprofitable, and ceilings in government blending targets, with the notable exception of Brazil which is supporting further use of ethanol made with sugar cane.

Full story at

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