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Rye prices seen high, but stable

Written By: Eric Anderson, Jul 17, 2015

CNS is reporting that  . . .

Rye crops have been reacting to Saskatchewan’s heat and dryness by developing faster than they would normally be — but healthy crops elsewhere appear to be helping to keep global prices stable, at least for the time being.

U.S. crops may stop rye prices from moving too turbulently, at least until Canada’s yield becomes more clear, said Roger Kissick, grain merchant at Linear Grain.

“The U.S. also has a good crop of their own. This early in the season, those types of concerns won’t show up until later on,” he said.

According to Kissick, considering the current values of other crops, rye prices are high — and the market will likely not be very active over coming months, until about Christmas.

Right now, he said, average rye prices are between $5.50 and $6.50 a bushel.

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Posted in Commodity prices | Tagged with rye crop prices Saskatchewan crop conditions | More articles by Eric Anderson

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