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Alberta crop report - yield estimates starting to develop

Written By: Eric Anderson, Jul 31, 2015

Alberta Crop Conditions as of July 28, 2015

The continuation of moderate temperatures combined with wide spread shower activity throughout the province have placed crops are under less stress and crop condition ratings have stabilized at 30% rated good or excellent (See Table #1). The precipitation received this week has provided modest improvements to soil moisture ratings. Surface moisture ratings increased 2 points to 32% rated good or excellent and sub soil ratings improved 4 percentage points to 29% rated good or excellent. Most crops have completed their reproductive stage with only a small amount of late seeded crop remaining. Precipitation from this point onward will have minimal effect on yield potential but would continue to be very beneficial in kernel filling and seed test weight which would affect grade and ultimately price to the producer.

The first yield estimates of the season (See Table #2) have been published. These estimates are provided based upon extremely limited information at this time and will be updated bi-weekly. Current provincial estimates are approximately 25 – 30% below the average of the past 5 years though it should be noted that 2 of those years (2013 & 2014) produced the highest average yields ever reported for the province.
Hay and pastures continue to green up with the moisture and growth has restarted. First cut dryland haying is 90% complete with poor yields and so-so quality as only 65% of the crop is rated as good or excellent. 2nd cut irrigated haying is 20% completed with average yields and very good quality. Hay/pasture ratings have improved slightly this week to 44% poor (-4), 38% fair (no change), 18% good (+4), 1% excellent (no change).


Full report at$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/sdd15453

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