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Manitoba crop report - harvest starting, low fusarium

Written By: Eric Anderson, Aug 04, 2015
Crop Report: Issue 14, August 4, 2015

Weekly Provincial Summary

  • Winter wheat and fall rye harvest is underway in Manitoba. Preliminary reports indicate winter wheat yields range from 60 to 85 bu/acre, with low levels of fusarium damaged kernels in harvested samples.
  • There are also a few fields of spring wheat, barley and field peas harvested last week.
  • Swathing or preharvest applications in the earliest-seeded spring cereal fields has started.
  • The majority of spring seeded crops are either grain-filling or podding, with some of the later seeded crops finishing up flowering.

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Posted in Crop reports | Tagged with Manitoba. crop report crop conditions | More articles by Eric Anderson

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