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Flaman Goals

The Flaman Group of Companies is guided by three goals. These goals are the reason we make the decisions that we do. These goals are:

  1. Customer Responsibility
  2. Achievement of Goals
  3. Making Things Better

Customer Responsibility

To us, this means that every single person in our organization has a responsibility to our customers. Our people do what is best for our customers. We take this responsibility very seriously. Our customers have entrusted us to provide products and knowledge for their businesses and lives. We try to build long term relationships with our customers so that we can understand their needs and adapt. When we fall down we do our best to make it right and take responsibility for our mistakes.

Achievement of Goals

Flaman and its employees has become successful using a team philosophy. Every person on the Flaman team has a role to play in reaching goals by contributing positively, assisting all team members, sharing knowledge and building trusting long term relationships.

Making Things Better

The Flaman Group of Companies is dedicated to making the world a better place. This encompasses all around us – Our co-workers, our customers, our local communities and our global community. We listen to ideas from our people, our customers and our suppliers to constantly improve the way we do business. The Flaman Foundation was created by our founder to help needy people all over the world. Flaman team members regularly participate in development projects both locally and globally that are funded by the Flaman Foundation. In our local communities, our team members are encouraged to be active volunteers, coaches, parents and residents.