Their smiles are our reward.

We provide support to existing organizations and help them within their communities.

Someone in need, is someone in need.

Whether they live just down the street, or thousands of miles away.

"Together, we can accomplish extraordinary things!"

- Frank Flaman

About the Frank J Flaman Foundation

After helping others on a national and international scale for over 15 years on his own, Frank Flaman formally established the Frank J Flaman Foundation in 2005 to expand his philanthropic efforts. The list of organizations that have received support from the Foundation includes both local and global charities. Frank believes that someone in need is someone in need, whether they live just down the street or thousands of miles away. The mandate of the Flaman Foundation is to provide basic necessities of life for children and families in need, locally and around the world. Frank funds the administration and overhead costs of The Foundation so 100% of every dollar donated goes to support partnering charitable organizations who support and care for those most in need. Read more about The Frank Flaman Foundation HERE.


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