Tuesday July 25th & Wednesday July 26th
Melfort Research Farms (1.6 Miles South, Hwy 6)


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Fusarium Head Blight Field Day, Tuesday July 25th @ 9:00am
Melfort Research Farm Field Day, Wednesday July 26th @ 9:00am
Both Days

Tuesday 25th – Fusarium Head Blight

Tours Start at 9AM and Topics Include:
  • Fusarium Head Blight Biology
  • Effects of FHB on Cereal Crops
  • Optimal Application Technology
  • How to Improve Grade Out of the Field
PLUS! Machines On-Site: Bring a sample to see how you can improve the grade of your cereals after harvest.

Wednesday 26th – Melfort Research Farm’s Annual Field Day

Tours Start at 9AM and Topics Include:
  • Herbicide options in Faba bean
  • Assessing hail damage with drones
  • Swede & the unknown midge: what to watch
  • Relative maturity & soybean yield
  • 4R fertilizer management
  • Western forage variety trials
  • Canola & flax fertility
  • Rotational management of diseases