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Finger Pulse Oximeter

A heart rate monitor with large

LED screen. Perfect for spot

checking heart rate and blood

oxygen levels.


Amplifies sounds closest to

the listener while reducing

back-ground noise.

Hand-Held Reacher

Only 7 ounces of pressure

required on the trigger to close

jaws. Folding model folds flat for

more convenient storage.


Trigger is operated using the

entire hand. Includes a magnet

for picking up metal objects and a

hook that aids with dressing.


Avoid stretching and bending

when picking up everyday objects.

Reminder Rosie

A voice controlled reminder

system that helps remember to

take medication, appointments,

and every-day tasks.

Long Shoe Horn

Durable 24" shoehorn.

Folding Sock Aid

Holds a sock open to easily slide

over your foot while the tip acts

as a long shoehorn.

Hi Mom! It's

time to take

your red pill.

Don’t miss out

on a single a word!

Chattervox Voice Amplifier

A portable rechargeable voice

amplifier that can boost your

volume by as much as 15

decibels. Weighs just 1.25 lbs

Personal Care

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