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Looking for more ways to

improve you posture when seated?

See page 30 for more seating solutions

Freedom Back

Lightweight and portable,

this ergonimcally designed

full back support is great for

home, work or vehicle use.

Freedom Seat

Cutout minimizes pressure on

your tailbone while seated for

added comfort and pressure


Kabooti Comfort Ring

The oval center comforts sore

and sensitive areas, while the

coccyx cutout relieves tailbone

pressure. Wedge design

encourages proper sitting





Adjustable Bed Back Rest

Adjusts to 5 positions from a low

lying angle to an upright sitting

position. Can be used with beds

and chairs. Folds flat for storage.

Folding Bed Wedge

Gives a gradual incline to your

body when lying down, raising

your head and shoulders. Folds

neatly for storage. Includes

removable cover.

Comes in 7", 10" and 12"

Back Rests

Back & Seating


Investing in quality lumbar

supports is an important first

step towards a healthier back.


Back & Seating Support