Southland Hook Lift Dump Trailer

Save Time and Money with this Versatile Trailer

Hook lift  Dump Trailers

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Truly the most versatile dump trailer on the market! The same chassis can serve as a cargo trailer, flat deck or dump unit.

Now when you go to a job site, you can leave a bin and go to another site to pick up or drop off another bin.  The unit is built with a heavy duty frame, utilizing a hook lift hoist to unload/load/dump the unit.



  • A true multi-use trailer
  • The same chassis can serve as a cargo trailer, flatdeck or dump trailer.
  • A homeowner can store his ATV in the cargo attachment & use the chassis for other
  • A contractor can set his tool crib or job shack @ the jobsite & use the chassis as a
    flatdeck for picking up building material or hauling away garbage with a roll-off bin
  • Great for seasonal applications. No need to tie up a trailer chassis with a specialized body,
    year round.


  • Makes having a site shack or tool crib more affordable because you are not paying for
    multiple chassis & running gear.
  • After the initial purchase of the chassis, attachments can be added @ ~ 30-40% less-than the price of another trailer.
  • Makes owning multiple trailers more affordable
  • Register & insure only one trailer (attachments don’t need insurance).
  • Reduced maintenance – maintain one trailer ilo many
  • Eliminate costly rental fees


  • Enhanced efficiencies & improve productivity – make one trip not two (two bins eliminates the need to make two trips)
  • Within minutes you can be ready to tackle a completely new job.
  • Attachment can be spotted/decked to be loaded & picked up at your convenience – reduces
    costly waiting time
  • No longer need to off load by hand-bombing – ideal for roofers (unload a flat of lumber by tilting the deck & driving ahead)
  • Maximize the use of the trailer – rather than 3 trailers being used 1/3 of the time, one
    chassis can be used 95% of the time


  • Expand business opportunities
  • Develop your own rental fleet – Waste Bins, Storage Shacks etc…
  • Leave container, bin, storage shack etc. at job site while still utilizing chassis.
  • Generate income from all accessories.


  • Load and unload from ground level
  • Reduce loading angle to zero, no more ramps
  • Able to load vehicles that have minimal ground clearance (i.e. scissor lifts)




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