Custom Process

Tell us your needs, and we will make it happen!

The Custom Process while simple needs to be followed in order to ensure success. When we undertake customer product with you, together we working on a project. So with that in mind we follow some simple project management principles in order to ensure success

Step 1 – Consult

The first step is to work with you, ask you question to help determine your needs. Perhaps there are considerations you did not realize. Our trailer Specialist can draw on years of knowledge. It is not just the Trailer Specialist you are working with, they are backed by a team of professionals that have decades of trailer experience, whether as product specialists, users, or the manufacturing side of the business. Furthermore we have strong partnerships with our suppliers to ensure we provide you with the best solution. Typical questions asked in this phase

  • What is the intended use of the product?
  • Please describe how you foresee working with the trailer?
  • What will be the towing conditions? Highway or Field/job sites
  • What is your required payload?
  • Overall length requirements
  • Securing requirements?
  • Special build considerations?
  • What will you be towing the trailer with?
  •  What is your expected price range?

Step 2 – Define the Specifications of the trailer

With the above questions and most likely others, the Trailer Specialist prepares a proposed specification list to ensure together we have determined the proper trailer for your needs. Depending on the complexity involved, the Trailer Specialist may be able to create a custom quote for you or they may have to send the specifications to factory for clarification on some items. Either way there mostly likely will be a question answer loop to ensure the proper trailer specifications have been determined prior to quotation.

Step 3- Review the Quotation

Once pricing has been received/determined the Trailer Specialist will review the quote with you to explain the various costs and considerations. Lead time for build date will be discussed at this time.

Step 4 – Ordering the Trailer

As customer trailers are one of builds, and generally only suited for the one person (You!); Flaman requires a 50% deposit on all custom products ordered. Depending on the complexity of the unit there may be a line drawing sign off required after the deposit to get the project initiated and headed in the direction you want it to be going in.

Step 5 – Delivery and product training

When your unit is completed the Trailer Specialist will contact you to deliver the product to you, reviewing safety and operation considerations, warranty and service requirements. The Trailer Specialist will follow up in 30 days to ensure the unit is operating within expectations.