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Bergen ATV Mini Rack Ramp


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Ramps for ATV's USED TO BE A PROBLEM to store after you loaded your ATV into the back of your pickup truck. Now, with a Bergen Pocket Ramp you will always have a safe and secure place to transport your ATV Ramps - right under you ATV in your new Bergen Pocket Ramp. Have you ever been concerned of having your ramps stolen? Never be concerned again! Ever wanted your ramps for your ATV or snowmobile to stay where you put them? Whether it is when you are loading your new ATV or stopping by your favorite quad trail, a Bergen Pocket Ramp will keep 'em there.

Pocket Ramp MINI - Short Length, created to fit a 5' 6" truck box. (Chevy/ Ford/Toyota Shortbox)



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Make:  Bergen
Model:  ATV Mini Rack Ramp
Year:  2016
Length:  6.5 ft
Serial No:  -


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