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2014 Kuhn 13' Heavy Duty rototiller


Kuhn 13'  Heavy Duty rototiller

The EL 282 is tailored for arable and field vegetable farms, but also for cooperate uses by machinery cooperatives or contractors. These machines are designed for intensive work applications and provide superior reliability for long life and reduced operating costs.

The EL 282 series reduces power-robbing soil buildup under the hood. A set-back main gearbox reduces PTO angles, decreasing vibration and increasing service life, and an upgraded PTO shaft offers lower maintenance. An oil cooling system reduces gearbox operating temperatures for outstanding reliability under heavy use. The multi-speed main gearbox offers a choice of rotor speeds to better match varying field conditions. The EL’s robust frame and chassis, innovative drive train and easy adjustments and maintenance are outstanding features which make it an all-purpose tool. These EL power tillers perform exceptionally well for producers with crop applications where proper seedbed preparation is essential.

Working width: 4m / 13'
Rotor diameter: 600mm
Speed of rotors at 1000 RPM: 244-287 / 208-337 / 192-366
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power: 201kw / 270hp
Lateral drive mechanism: Gearwheels
Type of tools: L-blades or Straight. Angled tines or C-blades
Working depth: 8cm - 26cm
Control of working depth: With front wheels. rear wheels or rollers
Weight with Maxicrumbler roller: 2210kg
Weight with Maxipacker roller: 2565kg



Product Code



Make:  Kuhn
Model:  EL282-400
Year:  2014
Serial No:  n/a


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