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Satake REZS4000 Color Sorter


Introducing the high capacity, cost-effective, full colour precision optical sorter series from Satake.  Ideal applications include bulk agricultural products such as wheat, lentils, peas and other small grains.
The REZS Series sorter is able to consistently and effectively sort these product types at high capacity - up to 3.5 tons per hour per chute - for common grains.
It comes standard with flat chutes and upgraded chute covers. Optional channelled chutes are available depending on product application type.  Secondary and/or tertiary resort capability is included with this model.
The REZS is powered by patent-pending Satake software assuring quick set-up and hassle-free operation.  a simple user interface, similar to a smart phone or tablet with touch and flick operation, offers the operator quick adjustments to a number of settings and sensitivities.

Model                      Satake REZS4000DIS
Capacity                  150-400 BU/hr
Height                      68.4"
Width                       82"
Depth                       64"
Ejectors                   273 (50L/min ejectors)
Air Consumption     2460 NL/min
Air Consumption     87 CFM
Chutes                     4(224mm) 3(146mm) 




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