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The Panama

Outward swinging door, with a

32" wide opening making it the

easiest Walk-In-Tub to access.

Includes 3 grab bars.

Shower Surround

A high quality shower surround

that fits perfectly on the Panama

and Fairmount Walk-in-Tubs.

Flexible Shower Curtain Rod

Can be bent to fit any area.

The Fairmount

19.5" wide, inward swinging

door, alows this Walk-In-Tub

to fit anywhere a traditional tub

can. Includes 2 grab bars.

High Flow Tap

Fill you tub in under 4 minutes.

The 2" Quick Drain can drain

the tub in 90 seconds or less.

Aluminium Door

Aluminum door system to

ensure a tight, reliable seal that

is guaranteed for life.

High Quality

Tubs are made of acrylic,

reinforced with fibreglass, and

built on a stainless steel frame.

Includes adjustable slide bar and shower

curtain rod.

These Safety Bath tubs are

designed to make bathing safer and

more enjoyable.


& Accessories


Bathroom Safety