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Plate Scoop

This 9", plastic scoop plate

allows the user to push food

against the plate's high back

wall and onto their cutlery.

Plate with Inner Lip

Helps hold food on the plate

while the user brings the fork

or spoon to the edge of the


Double Handle Mug

with Lid

Holds up to 10 ounces of

hot or cold liquid and is

dishwasher safe.

Terry Towel Bib

A white cotton terry bib with

tie closure.

Multi Purpose

Cutting Board

This easy to clean white

cutting board has stainless

steel spikes to hold food in

place for peeling and slicing.

Comfort Grip Utensils

Cutlery with a grip designed

to give independence at

meal time. These utensils

allow maximum user control

with minimum effort.


Preparation Board

A versatile and durable hard

plastic prep board. Helps

user carry out a variety

of tasks with one hand.

Remains stable with non-slip

suction pads base.

Kitchen Aids


Kitchen Aids