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The Grid Foam Roller

Features distrodensity zones,

matrix technology and an

environmentally friendly design.

X-Plode FoamRoller

Great for deep tissue massage

and also perfect size for travel.

X-Plode Plus Foam Roller

The density of this roller will help

get deeper into the stretch while

not neglecting the surface fascia.

Progression Foam Roller

Full length, durable, foam rollers.

A lower density, blue roller and a

higher denisity, black roller. Great

for deep tissue massage.

Lacrosse ball

Use for a targeted massage when a

foam roller is just too large.

Yoga Mat

These non

slip yoga mats

are fantastic for

hot yoga. This mªt

helps maintain a non slip

surface which is necessary

for correct yoga poses.

Yoga Block

If you need some help

anchoring into the correct

pose, you need a yoga block,

trust us it helps

Yoga Strap

This yoga strap is

designed for quick and

easy adjustment, tightening

and loosening with a simple

slide of the buckle.

Foam Rollers

By applying pressure to specific points on

your body you are able to aid in the recovery

of muscles by helping to return elasticity.

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