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Portable EMS


Dual isolated channels with a

pulse rate from 2-150hz and

comes with timer and carrying


Dual Channel TENS

AGF 602

Modulation selector offers wave

delivery in Normal, Burst or

Modulation modes.

Plastic belt clip.

Comfy Stim Ultra Combo

TENS/EMS Stimulator

A four channel, eight electrode,

electrotherapy device that offers

the user the choice of 5 modes of

TENS and 3 modes of EMS.

TENS / EMS Electrodes

Made of conductive silicone rubber.

Available in a variety of shapes & sizes

Dynaflex Electrodes

Reusable, self-adhesive electrodes.

Contain stainless steel strands for

optimum current distribution

T.E.N.S. Electrode Tac Gel

Firmly secures electrodes in place.

Best electrically conductive stim gel



Stimulate muscle motor nerves to

re-educate and re-build muscle

Stimulate sensory nerve endings and

acts as a temporary pain relief solution

The stimulation, contraction and relaxation

cycle loosens muscle fibres, increases

blood flow and encourages muscle growth.

A non-invasive way to stimulate nerve

endings and "scramble" the signal to help

reduce, or eliminate, the feeling of pain.

T.E.N.S & E.M.S

See our website for more details


T.E.N.S & E.M.S