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Moldy Wheat Means Lowest Quality Winter Crop in USA in 17 Years

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 29, 2015

Bloomberg is reporting that . . .

The quality of some of the first wheat harvested by U.S. farmers in 2015 is the worst in at least 17 years, according to one measure, following heavy rainfall across parts of the Midwest.

A report on Friday by U.S. Wheat Associates, a trade group, tracked the so-called falling number, a gauge of sprout damage in crops. The data was the worst since 1998, backing up comments from grain handlers about the condition of the soft-red winter wheat crop, which accounts for about a fifth of total domestic wheat output.

“It was the worst crop we’ve ever had because of the rain,” said Kim Holsapple, grain manager for Total Grain Marketing in Effingham, Illinois, which operates about 30 elevators in the state. “The wheat we’re getting in now is just nothing but feed quality.”


Farmers will produce 393 million bushels of the soft-red winter variety this year, down 14 percent from 2014, according to government forecasts. While the most recent government estimate is for total U.S. wheat production to reach a three-year high, the state of the winter crop shows how quickly the outlook for crops can worsen because of adverse weather.

Full story at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-27/moldy-wheat-means-lowest-quality-winter-crop-in-17-years

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