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Grain deliveries hit record high in September

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Oct 23, 2015

CNS Canada — September was a very busy month for grain handlers in Western Canada, as farmer deliveries into the commercial pipeline hit their highest levels ever.
Producers made deliveries of 5.879 million tonnes of the major grains and oilseeds during the month, topping the previous monthly record of 5.819 million tonnes set two years earlier in September 2013, according to Statistics Canada data that goes back to 2001. The major grains and oilseeds included in the total are wheat, durum, oats, barley, rye, flaxseed and canola.
Canola deliveries hit a monthly record of their own, at 2.384 million tonnes. That compares with the previous record, of 1.956 million that was also hit in September 2013, according to the StatsCan data.
Canada grew a record 18.5 million-tonne canola crop in 2013, which accounted for the heavy deliveries at the time. However, official production numbers in 2015 are considerably more modest, with StatsCan currently forecasting the 2015 canola crop at 14.3 million tonnes.
Wheat was also moving out of producers’ hands at a very brisk pace in September, with the monthly deliveries of 2.846 million tonnes the third highest on record. The large wheat deliveries also came despite the fact that Canada’s 2015 wheat crop, at 26.1 million tonnes, was well off the previous record of 37.5 million tonnes set in 2013.
Farmers delivered 570,210 tonnes of durum, 311,416 tonnes of oats and 278,140 tonnes of barley during the month. None of those were a record in their own right, but deliveries were still well above the averages.
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June grain deliveries up, but quarter looks similar

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 23, 2015

Statistics Canada has released the June 2015 grain deliveries data.

Compared to previous Junes, the deliveries were up dramatically for wheat and canola in Saskatchewan, while Alberta and Manitoba were along current trends.


Compared to previous 2nd quarter deliveries, deliveries average-out a bit and on Saskatchewan durum wheat saw a dramatic change.


And,.if you want to see the historical flow, here it is:

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