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AS4 Air/Screen Cleaner

AS4 Air/Screen Cleaner

Location: Saskatoon, SK | Phone: (306) 934-2121

AS4 Air/Screen Cleaner Affordable on Farm Cleaning Close separation weed and good seed Pre and final aspiration Ball rack cleaning system Fully adjustable, full width air aspirator Roll Feed inlet hopper with rack and …


Gjesdal 2500 Grain Cleaner - On Sale!

Gjesdal 2500 Grain Cleaner - On Sale!

Location: Southey, SK | Phone: (306) 726-4403

Gjesdal 2500 Grain Cleaner - On Sale The Original 5 in 1 Aspiration - Pre and Final Air Scalp Deck - Removal of large material (Scalping) Grader Shells - Removal of small material (Sifting) Small Pocket Indent - Buckwheat …



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