Our Values

Over the course of our almost 60 year history, the Flaman name has become synonymous with quality products, reasonable prices, and outstanding customer service. Through steady expansion and innovation, the company has transformed from a rural-based reseller of grain bins that operated off of the family homestead, to a Western Canadian retail powerhouse, with locations across the prairies, a vast and diversified product line, and an ever growing base of loyal and valued customers.

In 1959, Frank Flaman settled on a farm near Southey, Saskatchewan. To make the most of his farm investment he began contracting out his equipment and services to other producers. Throughout the 60's and 70's, Flaman steadily grew as Frank bought in bulk and resold products.

By the 1980's, the Flaman name had spread far beyond the limited geographic area around Southey. Retail stores were opened in 7 Locations across the prairies. The range of product grew to encompass all manner of grain cleaning, handling and storage products, as well as trailers and small implements. Flaman had grown so much that Frank’s three sons, Rudy, Don and Steve took over management of the Saskatchewan locations, while Frank went to Alberta.

In the 1990's, Frank's focus shifted from geographic expansion to diversification. Flaman Fitness was one such venture - starting out with only a few treadmills, the division has now become Western Canada's largest fitness equipment retailer. Flaman Rentals was another - with the cost of equipment always climbing, producers quickly embraced the idea of renting the items they only needed occasionally. There are now close to 100 Flaman Rental dealerships scattered across Western Canada and the United States. Today, the Flaman Group of Companies operates ten fully owned retail locations, and employs over 300 people. Close to 100 Flaman Rental dealerships expand the company's reach even further. Despite its growth, Flaman is still guided by the same principles that Frank founded the company on - sell at reasonable prices, conducts business fairly and responsibly, and above all else, treats the customer with unwavering friendliness and respect.