About Flaman Rentals

The Past

Flaman Rentals was established in 1993, but the company story began much earlier. Like all the Flaman Group's diverse operations, everything started on the Flaman family farm near Southey, SK, way back in 1959. At the time, an initial investment of $3000 bought company founder Frank Flaman a brand new baler and swather, which he used to do custom harvesting around the area. In effect, Frank's first business ventures were rentals (both of his equipment and himself). Frank had grander ideas, though, and he soon moved his new company into agricultural sales -- starting with grain bins, the business steadily added products and locations to become one of Western Canada most successful farm supply retail chains. There are many reasons for Flaman's success -- great customer service, reasonable prices, quality merchandise and staff -- but one key throughout the company's history has been Frank's ability to understand the wants and needs of his core customers. With the cost of equipment always climbing, and with farmers facing ever increasing financial pressure, he recognized the huge, untapped market for equipment rentals. With that in mind, Flaman Rentals was born. In 1993, the first year of operation, 10 dealers were signed, and thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response, Flaman Rentals has been growing ever since.

The Present

There are now nearly 100 Flaman Rentals dealers across Western Canada and the U.S., overseen by three territory managers and supported by Flaman's marketing, administrative and information technology departments. Recent developments have focused on bringing our dealer network even closer together, through an improved database management system, a vastly improved online presence, and a streamlined communication process. The range of rental products that we carry has also expanded to meet new and different needs. While many things have changed, though, one will always remain the same: at Flaman, the customer is the number one priority.

The Future

While the future is seldom certain, it's safe to say that Flaman Rentals will continue to grow. The success of existing Flaman Rentals franchises means that the next few years will undoubtedly see many new dealers springing up in an ever broader geographic area. The Flaman Rentals product line will also continue to expand, to provide dealers with more options for their local markets. And of course, Flaman will continue to give dealers every possible support -- their success is our success, and in partnership, we look forward to everything yet to be.