Grain Cleaning and Handling

The Flaman Group of Companies is one of the largest retailers of Bins, Augers and Conveyors in Western Canada. What people may not realize is that we also rent the grain handling equipment that will aide you in taking your seed from the field, to your storage facilities and to market.

Click on a product or category below to see the specific sizes or items available to rent at a dealer near you.

If you have purchased a bin package to construct your own, you will need to rent one of our bin cranes to erect your structure. Our Westeele cranes can lift 8000 lbs in a stationary position or 6000 lbs if you are moving a structure.

Now to help you get your seed to your storage facilities, some of our rental outlets have grain carts and wagons for rent. These vary in bushel size. Anywhere from 400 bushel gravity carts to 1500 bushel auger unloading carts. Please contact your local dealer to find out where to rent.

To get your grain from your transport wagons, Super-bís, grain trucks etc. and into your bins, you can rent a quality Wheatheart auger or Batco conveyor. These augers may vary in size from store to store. Conveyors may also be used for moving fertilizer and pulse crops as well as cereals.

Many of our customers take advantage of buying grain bags for temporary storage, eliminating the need for new bins in a bumper crop year. These bags vary in width, length and thickness and can be purchased at all our Corporate stores. These bags will require renting a Grain Bagger which fills your bags via a top hopper which you can load straight from your combine or load from your truck or wagons on its hydraulic conveyor. To empty these bags, we rent Grain Extractors which will empty and auger your seed directly into your transport vehicles. The rate of removal is anywhere from 8500 BU/HR to 12000 BU/HR. The horse power required is from 50-120 depending on which machine is rented. Once your bag is emptied you can rent a Bag Roller. This roller will roll up the bag into a round bale and these bales can be dropped of at any recycle stations around the province. Ask about Government rebates associated with this recycle program.

Our new Rem VRX Grain Vac is possibly the most rewarding rental you will ever make. Nobody likes to shovel out the bottom of bins. Its too physical and time wasting. No more sore backs, hernias or even heart attacks. These vacuums can reach a 49 ft radius from machine and come with a stand up sweep making clean up simple and easy. You will be able to move 5000 BU/HR without bending or lifting with only 85 HP requirements. So if you have grain that is heating you can shuffle it around or some people will use it just to de-bug their grain. Too many uses to mention.

Our compact Kwik Kleen grain cleaner comes with an electric motor or hydraulic system. Itís a simple procedure with many uses. You just load grain onto the screens and it will auger out your saved product. There are about 20 different screens available for many applications. It can be sized for barley, removing canola from lentils or removing small seeds and dockage. Can be trailered or towed.