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Move your grain this fall with the all-new AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor

Posted by Paul Boechler Sep 14, 2020

Image of AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor from Flaman Agriculture

The AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor is a brand new product to the Flaman lineup. It is built in Western Canada with the prairie farmer in mind. Manufactured at AGI’s plant in Swift Current, SK, it is designed to handle delicate crops grown on the prairies, like pulses, far more gently than an auger would.

Image of UHMW plastic paddles on the AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor
The UHMW plastic paddles gently convey grain 

Maneuverable in Tight Spaces:
Modeled after the clean grain elevator on your combine, its UHMW plastic paddles convey crops to your bin in a gentle manner. A huge benefit of this is the ability to operate at full capacity from nearly any angle, fitting into tighter spaces.
Another feature of the Double Run is the easy to use swivel arc kit, which makes the unit highly portable around the yard.  You can move it from bin to bin or dryer, by simply swapping a few pins.   

Image of swivel arc kit on the AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor
The swivel arc kit allows for easy maneuverability 

Low Power Requirements:
While the Double Run is powerful in getting your grain into the bin, it has a low horsepower requirement compared to alternative grain handling equipment. As an example, 8” model with a length of 82’ requires just 18 HP at a 45° angle (see chart below).  These units are available with an electric motor or PTO drive, giving you plenty of power options.
Image of AGI Hutchinson Double Run horsepower requirement chart

Proven Reliability & Longevity:
We all know an unreliable auger can be a huge problem for your operation at harvest time.  The Double Run was designed as a solution to this problem.  The chain conveyor requires less maintenance and has more longevity than your typical auger. Keep the chain running straight and tensioned properly, and these units will just run. And run. And run. 

Image of AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor in action at yard near Watrous, SK

Travis Frey of AGI walks us through exactly what makes this unit different:

The Double run comes in lengths of up to 82’ on the 8” and 10” models, with up to 4,000 BPH capacity on the 8” and 6,000 BPH on the 10”. It is also available in a 12” model, which has a 10,000 BPH capacity and lengths up to 130’.

Stop by your local Flaman Ag store or give us a call for more information on this unit.
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Need to move water? We have solutions

Posted by Paul Boechler Apr 17, 2020

Things may look a little different this spring than most years, but as the mercury starts to climb and the big melt gets underway, we’re here to help you keep you operating business as usual. Although our buildings are closed, we’re still open for business.  We’re offering curbside service, including pumps and hardware, which allows for social distancing and safe interaction between our employees and customers.

Dealing with spring run off? 

There are a lot of things to look forward to in spring but excess water isn’t one of them. Flooded ditches, construction sites, dugouts or even just low-lying spots in your field can accumulate serious run off.  Not to worry, though, we have a number of pumps to help you move water and get to the things that matter this spring. 

We have a large selection of centrifugal pumps ranging in sizes from 1”-4”, including trash pump options.  If you need to move some serious water, consider a floating pump like the Warthog, which can move up to 850 gallons per minute (51,000 gallons per hour) and is so compact it could fit into a car trunk.

For your existing operation, we have all the hoses, fittings and filters you’ll need for smooth operations. We’ve also added filter floats to our lineup, which eliminate the need for waders and keep your filter submerged in multiple water sources as low as 10” deep.  

For a limited time, all Parts & Hardware orders over $1,500 from our Saskatchewan and Manitoba stores are eligible for free delivery within 120 km of your local store.  Call your local Flaman rep for expert advice for all your water moving needs.


View our latest Water Pumps and Hoses & Filters parts flyers.

For the most up to date information about how we’re adapting to COVID-19 at Flaman and keeping our employees and customers safe, click here.
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Harvest 2019: An unconventional way to dry your grain in wet conditions

Posted by Paul Boechler Oct 09, 2019

Image of portable heaters and Frost Fighters in front of Twister grain bins

The 2019 harvest is shaping up to be frustrating for most.  It’s no secret that harvest is well behind this year, with only 34% of crops being combined in Alberta (47% 3-yr avg), 47% in Saskatchewan (75% 3-yr avg), and 71% in Manitoba (85% 3-yr avg) as of last week.  Wet weather has plagued the prairies, with record rainfall in Manitoba and snowfall in southern Alberta & Saskatchewan in September.  A combination of high moisture levels and widespread crop damage has contributed to diminished grade.

It’s now a race to get remaining crops off the field and although we can’t control the weather, we can help you maintain the grade of your grain by getting it dried faster and limiting spoilage.  The most effective option is a NECO dryer from Flaman, which can be scaled to the size of your operation.  However, dryer installs are contingent on many environmental and logistical factors and it’s far from a guarantee that a dryer purchased today would be installed before the end of harvest. 

So, what does a farmer do if he or she can’t get a dryer installed in time?

Our team in Saskatchewan has heard a lot of stories from our customers who’ve resorted to unconventional methods to dry their grain. The overwhelming favourite by local farmers has been the Frost Fighter (available only at our Saskatchewan locations), which is a diesel-powered 350,000 BTU industrial heater designed to heat remote construction sites and shops. As it turns out, they are also easily adaptable to a bin aeration system and can pump heat into two bins simultaneously. It’s been a lifeline given the soggy conditions.

Kelly Stewart, the operations manager at our Flaman Moosomin location, was the man who made this idea a reality:

“I saw a video a couple years ago of an Alberta farmer using a similar method and he claimed it worked like a charm. It inspired me to try it out given how wet it’s been this year. Some local farmers put it to work and were extremely pleased with the results.  It’s not a perfect solution and we know it’s not recommended by the manufacturers, but desperate times have forced us to think outside the box.

With a little extra work, moving your grain around and monitoring your moisture levels closely, we’ve heard from many happy customers that have seen up to 30,000 BU dried in a week. Obviously, the best way to dry your grain is with a dryer but given how wet it’s been and with more precipitation in the forecast, this has been a great makeshift way to salvage what has been a tough harvest.”

Interested in learning more about grain drying? Talk to one of our agriculture specialists at your nearest Flaman location.
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NECO Grain Dryer Build

Posted by Paul Boechler Jun 12, 2019

We recently had the opportunity to build the largest private NECO grain dryer in Western Canada – a NECO Mixed Flow 6 Burner D24380 -- for a large farming operation outside of Edmonton, AB.  It was a complex endeavour with many moving parts, and it required many hours of planning to execute.   Picture of Neco Grain dryer section being delivered

We had help from several outside sources: Freeway Transport, who were responsible for the dryer delivery; Xcaliber Crane & Rigging who handled the hoisting of the dryer; and Continental Bins, who provided assembly services.  Additionally, Ron Kleuskens from NECO supervised the build and many members of the Flaman Nisku team assisted throughout the day where they were needed.  And most importantly, the 4 owners of the farm and their sons, daughters, grandchildren & significant others were all present at one time or another throughout the day.  They were the real supervisors! 
Picture of Xcaliber Crane & Rigging hoisting a section of Neco grain dryer
Build Day was kicked off with the delivery of the dryer.  This consisted of 7 truckloads originating in Omaha, Nebraska. Each delivery was staggered by 2 hours, which allowed enough time for our crane and assembly teams to position and install each section before the next was delivered.
Picture of Neco grain dryer being assembled on site
With the help of our partners and employees – more than 20 people in total -- we were able to install this behemoth of a dryer in one jampacked, 10 hour day.
Picture of Neco grain dryer near assembled on farm near Edmonton, AB
The dryer will serve as a flagship operation in the area and will likely create business not only for our customer’s farm, but others in the area as well.  It’ll be an economic driver in the area for many years to come. We're thankful to be a part of this project and meet the needs of our customer. Customer service is one of the core beliefs Flaman was founded on and it’s why we’re celebrating 60 years in the agriculture industry in Western Canada.
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