The Ins & Outs of the

When renting we need to see:

    • Valid Canadian Driver’s License.
    • Major credit card (we do not accept prepaid cards)

    The driver’s license and the credit card must belong to the renter (same name on both).

Damage Waiver Policy:

    Set at 10% of the rental, this is a non-refundable charge on all rentals unless customers provide proof of insurance in writing. It is designed to cover minor (under $5,000) accidental damage done to rental equipment and could save the customer in repair bills (up to a maximum of $5,000 – if damage is over the limit then the coverage is not in effect).

    The damage waiver is not an insurance policy and does not cover: theft, stolen or missing equipment, abuse, misuse, negligence by the customer, damage incurred by a third party, tires and glass, or equipment that is sub-rented.”
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