It Just Makes Sense to Rent

With the cost of equipment constantly rising, more and more people are realizing the benefits of renting.
Consider the advantages for yourself:

  • renters have access to new, well-maintained equipment
  • renting requires no capital outlay
  • rented equipment is a 100% write-off
  • renters don't have to worry about depreciation
  • booking equipment is as easy as contacting your nearest dealer

Interested in becoming a Flaman Rental Dealer?

Join the largest agriculture rental dealer network in North America, with over 70 dealer locations in Western Canada. By investing in equipment, you put your money into something tangible instead of just a name. Looking to diversify your business? 80% of a Rental Dealer's business is done from the months of April to October, therefore it does not require full-time employment!

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Flaman Rentals Blog

What's it like being a Flaman Rental Dealer?

Post by: Jeff Brown
We could explain how we support our dealers and how our Rentals division reflects Flaman’s history and community culture (which we will). However, to provide a clear picture of the actual dealership experience, it’s best to let our dealers speak for themselves.   Today, we are sharing the experience of current rental dealers with you.      An …


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