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Sourcing new trailers at NATDA 2013

Posted by Steve Whittington Sep 18, 2013

I landed in St. Louis at 11:30 pm Wednesday the day before the North American Trailer Dealer Association Tradeshow started.  I have been making the pilgrimage to NATDA for that last five years.  The event has been improving every year with more vendors exhibiting in the tradeshow and a higher quality speaker line up for the education sessions.  As a team we travel to St. Louis to stay on top of industry trends, to learn about new and innovative products and how to improve our business practices.  Attending the show refocuses us on the trailer business and provides us with great ideas for what more we can do for our customers.

 From Alberta Les Bachinsky and Tim McMullen flew down and from Saskatchewan Darrell Knash and Lee Prefontaine attended the show.  Les and I have been going to NATDA since the beginning but for the other three this is a new event.   Les and I both feel that it is important for different members of the sales team to get down to NATDA to see how big the industry is and to learn about what is out there. Additionally, I feel bringing new people every year brings new perspectives that see things differently than Les and I do, and I must admit I learn from the team and sometimes re-evaluate previous decisions.  Obviously lots of our manufacturers are in attendance and it is great to spend time with them and see what new products they have coming out for the next year.
From this show we decided to work towards adding the following to our line up:
Air-tow trailers: Trailers specifically designed for ground level loading.  www.airtow.com
Jumping Jack Tent Trailer:  Easy to use pop tent trailers (with tent insert) that can be pulled out to provide full use of the trailer www.jumpingjacktrailers.com
Horse and Stock Trailers: there was a time that Flaman Trailers provided horse and stock trailers to our customers.  We have not carried horse and stock trailers for over five years and you, our customers, still ask for them.  Well, by spring of 2014 we will have aluminum and steel products for you once again. We are evaluating a number of brands but we are committed to providing these products to you.
Fuel Trailers:  We are reviewing Canadian regulations on this product line.  There are many different types being built in the U.S., however Canadian regulations are far stricter than our American counterparts and at this time we have not found a manufacturer that meets Canadian regulations.
Beyond these product lines there were lots of little ideas: color combination, speciality options, attachments, new parts and accessories.  The list goes on and on....we are excited about what we will have to offer in 2014.

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Toy hauler Camper Trailer from Nash Car Trailers

Posted by Steve Whittington Aug 02, 2011

In many ways this product is nothing new, but this product is part of new specialization occurring with trailer products. Let me explain.

Living Quarter units for horse trailers have been around for a long time and the idea originated from cowboys tired of sleeping in the trucks and being on the rodeo circuit more than they were at home. 
This evolved to include weekend riders and then weekend warriors thus the RV industry followed suit creating toy haulers. In many ways the living quarters began to outstrip the original purpose of the trailers which was move something somewhere.
In my career, the need for simple sleeping accommodation with a trailer has been a constant request. Over the years the options have been as follows:
  • High End LQ units
  • Custom built units
  • Customer modified units (customer takes a stock unit and makes what they need)
  • Unit vented and the customer throws in a mattress
Now the Nash Car Trailers Rage Camper Unit meets this need in the following ways:
  • A Simple pull out allows for affordable, quick, comfortable accommodation.
  • The pull out allows for full use of the trailer box
  • The unit can be customized for different cargo (extra height for side by side units, or extra length) or more features: Awning, Stereo, water, base cabinets, the list goes on.
  • The unit is all aluminum so it will not rust, light to pull plus it is stylishly designed (the triple wedge front really stands out)
So if you are looking for a trailer which can haul all your toys and then provide decent sleeping accommodation the Nash Car Rage Camper is your unit.
Ask any of our product specialists for more details.
Tell us what you think? Has the missing link between camper and hauler finally been filled?


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