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Canadian wheat, canola, and durum export destinations

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Aug 17, 2015

Statistics Canada released our grain export destinations for June 2015 today.  Below are the total quarterly Canadian exports for three major crops (including June 2015):



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June grain prices - SK Lentils up 53%

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Aug 06, 2015

Statistics Canada released the June grain prices today.

In Manitoba, Canola and Wheat prices were up slightly from last June, with Dry peas down slightly.

In Saskatchewan, Lentil prices were up 53% from last June, with all of the other crops up slightly.


In Alberta, Canola and Durum were up dramatically, with the remainder up slightly.


When all months are considered on the long-term trend, all three provinces have resumed an upward trend on all crops.



Source:  http://www.statcan.gc.ca/daily-quotidien/150806/dq150806a-eng.htm?cmp=mstatcan

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June grain deliveries up, but quarter looks similar

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 23, 2015

Statistics Canada has released the June 2015 grain deliveries data.

Compared to previous Junes, the deliveries were up dramatically for wheat and canola in Saskatchewan, while Alberta and Manitoba were along current trends.


Compared to previous 2nd quarter deliveries, deliveries average-out a bit and on Saskatchewan durum wheat saw a dramatic change.


And,.if you want to see the historical flow, here it is:

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CWB tour reports durum doing better in South East Alberta

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 22, 2015

Durum, the wheat used to make pasta, has fared better against dry conditions than other major crops in a pocket of southeastern Alberta, crop tour scouts noted on Wednesday.

Durum is typically planted in drier soils than spring wheat, but fields still looked surprisingly decent, given some of the driest conditions in decades on the Prairies.

Yields looked to fall slightly below average in the area, said Justin Daniels, director of commodity risk management at CWB Market Research Services.

“We haven’t seen a disaster yet in durum,” he said in drizzly conditions.

The tour organized by CWB Market Research is travelling through Thursday on three routes across the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Durum stood tall and carried large heads of kernels in most fields.

Quality of durum in Canada — the biggest exporter – may be more important than the crop’s size, given lower grades last year, said Courtney Boryski, a trader at U.S. commodity company Gavilon.

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Prairie durum prices rising as farmers aren't selling

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 17, 2015

CNS is reporting that  . . .

Prices for durum in the Prairie cash market have been on the rise recently, but there are very few actual transactions being made as farmers aren’t selling.

“The companies know that, generally speaking, farmers aren’t in the mood to sell, so they’re probably trying to maybe encourage deliveries of last year’s durum, so trying to get that out of the bins, which might be hard,” said Neil Townsend, director of market research services with CWB in Winnipeg.

Cash prices for durum in Saskatchewan and Alberta gained between $20 and $37 per tonne during the week ended July 10, to range from $310 to $343 per tonne, according to data collected from a number of delivery points in Western Canada.

Some buyers are also looking to lock in some new-crop contracts for high-quality durum, due to poor-quality crops out of Europe and Canada last year.

Farmers, however, are still waiting for the market to move higher as drought continues to plague many growing regions in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Full story at http://www.agcanada.com/daily/prairie-durum-prices-rising-as-farmers-arent-selling

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BoMill TriQ: A Fusarium Management Solution

Posted by Flaman Mar 25, 2015

The newest technology being brought to the Canadian agriculture industry has benefits for everyone. BoMill, a Swedish company, offers a management solution to the fusarium problem that’s been a growing concern in Western Canada. The BoMill TriQ is a grain sorter that sorts wheat, durum, and barley by protein, vitreousness, and fusarium. Sheldon Ball, the sorter specialist at Flaman, says, “It’s the only product we’re aware of that sorts individual kernels by fusarium.” BoMill increases the accuracy of other processes by analyzing the chemical make-up of kernels, not just the colour, and it does it by individual kernel, instead of in a batch.

Fusarium is a fungus that produces mycotoxins during the infection process. Mycotoxins are toxic and are not destroyed during processing such as milling, baking, malting, or ethanol production.*  The BoMill TriQ grain quality sorter will sort the yields and improve the quality for a top selling dollar. More importantly, the sorted yield will be a safer product for final consumption.

The TriQ is also an excellent tool to clean grain for seed. Its patented technology (read about the NIT below) analyzes the ability a kernel has for germination, or its vitreousness. By setting a fraction to sort by vitreousness, you can get a yield that is 100% capable of germination. Talk about bumper crop potential!

NIT Technology

NIT (Near Infrared Transmission) Technology is a patented sensory system that utilizes infrared light to test the chemical make up of a kernel. This new technology, found only in the BoMill IQ and TriQ products, allows kernels to be sorted according to their germination capabilities (vitreousness), fusarium, and protein content. This technology is capable of yielded a 100% vitreous output, which translates to guaranteed better yield if used for seed. It also means healthier product for consumption by people and animals.

Individual Kernel Analysis
Although other machines exist that focus on individual kernel sorting, such as color sorting, this is the first machine that sorts individual kernels by fusarium. Other methods will take a batch of grain and sort by weight, making heavier and lighter kernels separate to the top and bottom. This is a good method, however the individual kernel analysis yields a higher accuracy.

Wireless Monitoring
The graphical user interface makes it possible to control the sorting using any device with a browser, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Due to its user-friendly design, it makes the training sessions intuitive and time efficient.

Flaman Grain Cleaning is the licensed dealer in Canada for BoMill’s grain sorters. “With Flaman as our Distributor in Canada we will have a strong partner,” says Karin Wehlin, CEO BoMill AB. “Flaman’s long presence in the grain cleaning market and know-how as well as established service organization is important for our future”. You can contact one of Flaman’s staff members to get more information by email or by calling 1-888-435-2626. You can also visit the product page for the BoMill TriQ and IQ products.

*Website: http://www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca/fusarium-head-blight

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