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Moosomin celebrates the opening of its new 16000 sq ft facility in a week long celebration

Posted by Flaman Apr 12, 2013

Open for two months, this new state of the art facility boasts a "rental drive thru bay" and a fully stocked 7000 sq ft showroom as well as a large service shop, wash bay and trailer set up bay.

“It's going to be really nice to be able to service and set up all of our equipment inside now as well as being able to load or unload our rental customers in the comfort of our rental drive thru bay,” says Peter Nabholz, store manager. “We think our rental customers will really enjoy this feature, especially when the weather is bad, it's the only drive thru rental bay on the prairies as far as we know,” he added.

This new 10 acre location on the west side of Moosomin along the busy Trans Canada Highway gives us great exposure, good visibility and easy access in all directions in or out of town. With over 90 trailers now in stock as well as grain bins, augers, grain carts, water tanks and other related short line agriculture equipment we are now a full line store for Flaman's. Similar to any of the other nine corporate Flaman stores in western Canada, Moosomin's new store also carries a fully stocked show room full of tow ropes, tow straps, trailer accessories, water pumps and over a dozen set up pieces of fitness equipment along with all the related fitness products.

“While in the past our main focus was the renting of construction, agriculture and home owner equipment, Flaman's now are gearing up the retail side of the business seeing the potential for explosive growth in this area. Here in Moosomin we are in the center of the economic boom going on in SE Sask and have already realized a huge demand for the products we now carry,” added Nabholz.

Flaman's saw the potential for a store like this in the area two years ago when they first came to Moosomin, buying out Wayne's Rental Centre. We now have the facility, the location, the staff and the inventory to take this store to the next level and hope to take advantage of the ongoing strong economy both in construction rentals and agriculture sales.

To celebrate this new store, Flaman's are having a full week long open house event starting on April 22 and winding up on Friday April 26. There will be toonie lunches and local entertainment at noon each day sponsored by one of the many suppliers.

Along with the celebrations, there will be many door crasher specials that you won't want to miss out on.


 Moosomin's New Flaman Store


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