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Ultimate Enclosed Sled Trailer- The Boom Boom Trailer

Posted by Steve Whittington Nov 06, 2010

Sometimes seeing is believing. Last night was the opening night for the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Show and Flaman Trailers has a 4,200 square foot booth, twelve trailers, five Flaman Salesmen and three factory representatives working the booth, plus three show girls to hand out brochures. With all the space and trailers and the draw of the Boom Boom trailer it was all the girls could do to keep up with handing out brochures.

Why is our booth so popular? Well the Aluma trailers and the XR Series enclosed sled trailers are dialed in to provide the best value on the market. They are a big draw by themselves but the all black Stealth Nash Car unit and the Boom Boom trailer really get people excited. I mean really excited! While I was working there was a lull in the crowd for just a moment. When I mean lull, one Product Rep was not helping a customer and the rest of us were busy...so being a salesman he cranked the Boom Boom's stereo.  I shot him a nasty glance as I was trying to answer questions and now the roar of the music (from six speakers and two subs) made it more difficult. He shrugged his shoulders and pointed at the wave of people coming to check out the Boom Boom trailer. I am not exaggerating...a literal wave of people was working down the aisle and through the booth to the trailer. If we were being invaded we had just become completely overrun! Over twenty people lined up and started working their way through the trailer.

Sometimes seeing is believing,  so if you read this post and are anywhere near Saskatoon you ought to come down to the show and see the Boom Boom and the Stealth for yourself. You will not be disappointed, and if you want the girls will give you a tattoo!

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Terri Nov 05, 2012 - 12:33 am

This is amazing!

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