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Early Sask. lentil, pea harvests likely to support prices

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 17, 2015

CNS is reporting that . . . .

Saskatchewan’s dryness could likely mean an earlier harvest and smaller yield for pea and lentil crops this year, according to a regional crop specialist.

That means new-crop prices will be supported, said Chuck Penner, president at LeftField Commodity Research.

Old crops are disappearing, he said, and the market will become active as soon as farmers start harvesting. “Buyers are ready to take this crop as soon as it’s off the combine.”

Pea and lentil prices will dip slightly right after harvest, he said, especially if farmers sell heavily, but he expects the market to recover after that.

Shannon Friesen, a regional crop specialist with Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Knowledge Centre in Moose Jaw, said lentil crops in the province’s west and pea crops in the province’s south are much more advanced than they should be.

There are indications desiccation will begin in August, which means farmers will start harvesting soon after, she said.

Full story at http://www.agcanada.com/daily/early-sask-lentil-pea-harvests-likely-to-support-prices

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