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Weather forecasting contest results to date

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 24, 2015

We've compiled the results from the first three week's of the weather forecasting conest.  The winner so far is AccuWeather, followed by

The contest consists of grabbing their forecasts at the same time on one day, for the following three days, for Saskatoon, SK.  We then check the Environment Canada posted results after the three days have passed and calculate the results.  Weather Farm's forecast is actually for a site north west of Saskatoon, so we post their results in comparison to their site's actual weather results and those of Environment Canada's.

For the first round, we did not include WeatherFarm - only AccuWeather, Environment Canada, and Weather Network.  So, we have results below for those included in all 3 rounds, then only the most recent 2 rounds.


Here is the formula we used.



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