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Europe's harvest begins - looks OK

Posted by Eric Anderson Jul 24, 2015

Reuters is reporting that . . . .

The harvest is moving northwards in both France and the second biggest producer Germany, but has yet to start in Britain where rain has been too late to arrive to help the crop much. Storms have slowed the Polish harvest.


French trade and analyst's soft wheat crop forecasts are now around 37.5-38.5 million tonnes against 37.5 million in 2014, above estimates of around 36.5-37 million tonnes during a heatwave and dryness in mid-July.

Protein levels were reported to be good in southwest France, but disappointing in a belt crossing France between the Atlantic port of La Pallice to the German border. Other quality criteria such as Hagberg falling numbers and humidity were reported to be good nationwide.

Agritel forecast Germany's crop at 24.9 million tonnes, down 10 percent on 2014.


In Britain prolonged dry weather could crimp yields.

Full story at http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/07/24/europe-wheat-harvest-idUSL5N10428T20150724

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