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Weather Farm wins round 8 of weather forecasting contest

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Aug 18, 2015

The resuts from the 8th weather forecasting contest ending August 17th are in - the chart below reveals the current contest results and the formula.

WeatherFarm (using their results data, not Environmnet Canada's) had the best 3-day forecast - according to the rules we created without consulting a meterologist.  Consider this "for entertainment purposes only." 

AccuWeather still leads the contest with the most wins (at 4) and most total points, with WeatherFarm in 2nd with 3 wins, and Environment Canada in 3rd with 1 win (Weather Network has yet to register a win).

Of note, this weeks score by WeatherFarm was the highest recorded to date!

The forecasts were captured at the same time, the day prior to the start of the contest, from the various forecasting groups' websites, for "Saskatoon, SK"

Here are the current round's results:

Hetre are pur contest rules:

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