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A True Multi-Use Trailer

Posted by Steve Whittington Feb 26, 2010

The New Roll off Dump Trailer is truly a versatile unit. The same chassis can serve as a cargo trailer, flatdeck or dump unit. Currently Southland trailers has released the garbage bin attachment, with the above other attachments soon to follow. We are pretty excited at Flamans to be the first to bring this new unique paradigm changing trailer to the market place.

Often when you drive to a construction site there are multiple trailers present. Cargo Trailers serving as mobile tool cribs or a job site shack. Flat decks for hauling equipment, garbage bin on the ground, and dump trailer for moving dirt or landscaping. Imagine the possibilities and cost shavings of having all these functions combined with one chassis. What if you have two or three job sites!

You only need to register and maintain only one trailer instead of multiple units or if you are renting eliminate rental fees for the occasional rentals by purchasing a cost effective attachment. Additionally the attachments can be spotted and picked up at your convenience and you do not have to worry about the theft of your trailer.

These units are due to be released the middle of March just in time for the start of the spring construction season.

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