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Why built in Canada still matters

Posted by Steve Whittington Jul 25, 2014

Trailtech TD 210It was a Friday.  I was at our Nisku location and I was leaving the dealership walking through the lot headed home for the weekend. I walked past a Trailtech TD 210 that had a few  modified options on it. I looked the trailer over as I always do when walk past any unit in our yard. As I walked along the length of the unit from taillights to hitch I noted the features, fit and finish, quality of build, overall appearance, etc, etc, etc…when I reached the hitch  I saw this trailer had just gone through our pre-delivery inspection process (as the sticker slapped on the front of the gooseneck indicated).  I then stopped and looked back down the length of the trailer.

“This is a damn fine trailer”  I thought to myself.  So  I took a closer look at the welds and the convenience features on the unit (some installed by us).  I started to really critic the unit looking at the decking for cracks and other imperfections; I looked under the frame at the paint coverage; I followed the wiring harness (note I wrote wiring harness not strand wiring) along the frame paying attention to how it was secured and protected.  Everything on this trailer was perfect. No matter how hard I looked I could not find any problems with the trailer.  Quite honestly, this is not an exception to the rule, it is the rule: Trailtech product has outstanding consistent quality. 

Call me bias (Trailtech is Canadian built, and a brand FGC has a longstanding history with) but I believe the quality that goes into to trailers built in Canada, for Canadian conditions is underappreciated. To address this I decided to give you reasons as a Canadian consumer why you should buy a Canadian built Trailtech.

1)      Quality of Build.  As in many products there are a good, better and best for light industrial trailers. At Flaman Group of Companies  we sell products that fit into all three categories in order to meet the various needs of various customers.  These categories are differentiated by features and quality which ultimately means different pricing.  Trailtech as a brand offers a good, better and best  models for each category. Where I believe they really shine (and customers have been voting this way with their dollars) is in the best category.  The Premier and Industrial series generally have no equal in the market place.  If you need a reliable trailer as a tool for your business, to me it makes sense to invest in a Trailtech that will always do what you need and last the test of time.

2)      Canadian weather and road conditions. They are awful, both our roads and our weather and many trailer brands are built for the warm flat highways of the southern states as opposed to the gravel and pitted frozen highways of the Canadian north.  For these conditions you need paint that can absorb some of the mechanical impact of road rocks at -40 and a RV plug that will not shatter when you fight to plug it into your tow vehicle.   Trailtech based in Gravelburg SK lives in and understands these conditions.  A Trailtech trailer is made to deal with this weather without fuss.

3)      Warranty: We sell thousands of Trailtech products every year.  They get horribly abused by some customers (another story) and yet we rarely hear of any issues. That said no company is perfect.  The product is built by people and people make mistakes (as we all do).  What defines a product and company is what they do when that happens. It has been my experience that between Trailtech and Flaman when a mistake happens that affects the customer,  the Trailtech and Flaman people always make it right.

Lastly Americans market buy American all the time to support American companies and American workers. Let me be shameless and proudly yell the same thing: Buy Canadian!  Yes I am a hypocrite as we sell many American brands across many of our divisions( including the Trailer Division).  Being a leader in retail we need to provide the leading products in their appropriate categories in order to provide the best customer experience to our customers. That said, there are Canadian products that we sell that are the best in their categories (Trailtech is one of them)…Buy Canadian and support Canadians.

 So if you are in the market for your first trailer or are adding one to your fleet. Think about Canadian quality.  Quality comes with a cost but I believe it is worth it.

Trailtech TD 210 custom option


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Are hydraulic trailers the next big trend?

Posted by Steve Whittington Jul 05, 2011

The trailer industry has traditionally been a fairly static industry.  Take the decade from 1998 to 2008: there were few developments other than more wide-spread use of enclosed trailers.
The last three years have witnessed an explosion of developments.  A lot of these developments have been with hydraulics.  For instance, Roll Off Dump trailers, multi-deck trailers, 9’ hydraulic tails and more hydraulic tilt models than ever before.
What does this mean for you, a user of trailers? The hydraulics add cost, but not as much as before; because of the increased use of scissor lifts, the costs have been driven down by economies of scale. There is also a big increase in ease of use or just downright convenience.  The flip over ramps on an industrial trailer are nothing but heavy and awkward and a hydraulic tail is pretty nice to use in comparison.  
The other thing besides convenience is versatility.  Some of the hydraulic trailers are multi-function.  Heck, one unit is called “Multi-Deck”, and a Roll Off Dump unit can roll on a cargo or flat deck attachment, making it “three trailers in one.”
All this being said, there are, as always, financial considerations.  The Roll Off Dump while being “three trailers in one” only starts to provide a cost advantage by the third attachment. One could make the argument that you could buy three trailers instead of one.  The same kind of argument can be made for a Multi-Deck.  Granted, I am comparing two or three entry levelled priced units to these top end units, but that still has to be a consideration. To be fair, one has to put operating costs in the equation; the hydraulic units have only the operating costs of one versus three, which is a point worth considering.
I can rant and rant about the pluses and minuses of the recent influx of hydraulic trailers.  I do believe they are here to stay and I do believe they have a place and application.  In some cases they not only make sense, but considering the alternative, an operator would be crazy not to have one given the choices available.
So are they the next big trend? Well no, I think trailer specialization is the next big trend and hydraulic units are just a part of that trend... but that is another topic for another time.

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A True Multi-Use Trailer

Posted by Steve Whittington Feb 26, 2010

The New Roll off Dump Trailer is truly a versatile unit. The same chassis can serve as a cargo trailer, flatdeck or dump unit. Currently Southland trailers has released the garbage bin attachment, with the above other attachments soon to follow. We are pretty excited at Flamans to be the first to bring this new unique paradigm changing trailer to the market place.

Often when you drive to a construction site there are multiple trailers present. Cargo Trailers serving as mobile tool cribs or a job site shack. Flat decks for hauling equipment, garbage bin on the ground, and dump trailer for moving dirt or landscaping. Imagine the possibilities and cost shavings of having all these functions combined with one chassis. What if you have two or three job sites!

You only need to register and maintain only one trailer instead of multiple units or if you are renting eliminate rental fees for the occasional rentals by purchasing a cost effective attachment. Additionally the attachments can be spotted and picked up at your convenience and you do not have to worry about the theft of your trailer.

These units are due to be released the middle of March just in time for the start of the spring construction season.

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Great Acreage Trailers

Posted by Steve Whittington Feb 01, 2010

We are really excited about this new four by eight foot dump trailer we have in stock at our Flaman locations.

The product is constructed with an all tubing frame which provides ample strength and allows the wiring to be enclosed. The trailer rides on a 5200 lb spring axle..plenty of payload for an acreage heck plenty of payload for a landscaping contractor! A gas shock on the tool box lid is a nice touch as well as the light mounted on the underside of the lid for when you are working at dawn or dusk. Robust jeep style fenders plus plank brackets for building up the already ample height side walls.

All around a Must see! Must have! trailer at a very reasonable price!

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