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Flaman Trailers takes to the road!

Posted by Jennifer Thompson Jun 16, 2011

At Flaman Trailers, we’re dedicated to customer service. So much so, that if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

That was the motto behind one of our salesman’s recent trip to Fort McMurray. Aaron Farrell, a trailer specialist at the north Edmonton store, loaded up a H370 flat deck trailer with a XR7 cargo trailer and an Aluma 638 utility trailer and headed up north To Fort McMurray on June 3 and 4.
This is the first time Flaman Trailers has gone on the road. Not long ago Aaron was looking through his customer list and noticed that many of them were form Fort McMurray. Talking with his customers, they expressed some difficulty in getting trailers up there. Many of them made the drive down to Edmonton.
“I thought: why not go up there? I had nothing to lose,” Aaron says.
He set up shop at the Fountain Tire in the MacKenzie industrial area, displaying the trailers on government land right in front of the store so everyone could see them as they drove by. Although Aaron says he had a bit of bad weather on the first day, the set up worked. He even sold the utility trailer on the spot.
“Lots of people were pulling over on the side of the road,” he says. “Many recognized the ad we had put in the paper. I talked to about 24 people over the 2 days I was there. It was great!”
Feeling confident, the second day he was there Aaron pulled his trailer over to a mall parking lot and set up for a few hours, where he also got a lot of traffic. He says he got a lot of interest from the oil field in equipment haulers and flat decks, but also a lot of interest in cargo trailers.
Aaron says he would “absolutely” like to take Flaman Trailers on the road again, and plans to go back to Fort McMurray.

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Utility Trailers do not have to be poor quality

Posted by Steve Whittington May 26, 2011

Often the perception is that utility trailers are the bottom rung of the trailer world when it comes to build construction. Granted, the $899 bolt together group of products with 8” tires at the big box stores are well...garbage. Tough words I know, but I have been around long enough and have had to deal with the aftermath of customers' price point purchases to write that strong language.
Things are shifting with manufacturers and trailer retailers, especially at Flaman Trailers. Speciality manufacturers and retailers like Flaman Trailers and Trailtech have recognized a customer need in this area and we are now supplying utility trailers that are quality built at a value.
Are these trailers $899? Well no, they are not. They start at $1,115 or in all aluminum by Aluma for $1,550. These are not bolt together units. They are welded, they have torsion axles or 3500 lb spring axles, some with aluminum rims and the smallest tire is 13” rubber. The steel utilities are generally sporting 15”  rubber most of the time. 
These are quality built units for only a few dollars more and I believe worth your consideration.

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