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Flaman Gives Back with Chuckwagon's Comin' Contest

Posted by Jennifer Thompson Oct 26, 2010

Producers across Saskatchewan had a challenging spring and summer with all the rain and bad weather, so the group at Flaman in Prince Albert wanted to show farmers they care, and give local producers and their crew a well-deserved break. With the Flaman Chuckwagon’s Comin’ Contest, Prince Albert area farmers could enter a draw to win a free dinner out in the field while they’re harvesting, cooked and served by Flaman staff members.  

Scragg Farms from the Meath Park area won the first draw, and had a delicious meal delivered to their field on Oct. 15. The Scragg family and workers were all there, along with two engineers from the U.S. who were checking out their new Holland combines and neighbour Terry Lubyk who farms nearby.

And we’re not talking sandwiches and coffee – Searl Reynish, Mark Evans and Elizabeth Clarke from the P.A. store cooked up a steak dinner complete with potatoes, Caesar salad, garlic bread and bean pot. Elizabeth even got to drive the combine. Having never seen a combine up close before, she said it was a pretty cool experience. “The dinner was a really fun time. Everyone was pretty excited that we were coming,” she says.

Corriveau Farms was the second winner and had dinner delivered by Searl and Elizabeth on Oct. 22. The Corriveau family was joined by Doug Kerley, Rene and Marie Piche, and Marcel and Simone Brassard for a total of 11 hungry people! Dinner was served in the garage because of the weather but everyone had a great time and socialized until 9 p.m.!

There will be two more lucky winners and the draws go until Oct. 29. If you farm in the P.A. area you can enter on www.flaman.com or enter your name at the store.



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