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Manitoba winter fertilizing ban back on until April

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Nov 20, 2015

Manitoba winter fertilizing ban back on

Posted Nov. 19th, 2015
Ag Canada

Snow’s arrival throughout Manitoba means no more extensions for the province’s farmers to apply winter fertilizer or manure.
The province said Thursday its second extension, which was to run until the end of the day, has been rescinded, and the winter nutrient application ban is in place effective immediately, given “recent snowfall accumulations.”
The winter nutrient application ban continues until midnight, April 10, 2016 — unless soils can support an earlier date next spring — and applies to all forms of nutrients, including livestock manure and inorganic fertilizer.
The province set up the ban in 2008 to prevent nutrients from being applied when the ground is frozen, to reduce nutrient loading in waterways through field runoff.
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