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Southland New Products 2014 Podcast

Posted by Steve Whittington May 06, 2014

Southland TrailersIn this Episode we talk with Ryan Sailer General Manager of Southland Trailers. Ryan takes us through three exciting new products from Southland Trailers. The E270 Dump Trailer, the SL 280 Dump Trailer and their Fuel pup trailer. Enjoy the conversation.

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Southland Trailer Podcast

Posted by Steve Whittington Jul 08, 2013

Southland TrailersWith having associations like NATM it kind of allows the collaboration of all the manufacturers so we can all get together to say "what are our big obstacles right now". Whether government regulations or whatever it may be we can all work together to figure out how we can come up with a resolution to those...

Listen to the rest of the podcast below.

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Flaman Trailers in Siberia

Posted by Jennifer Thompson May 06, 2011

No, we’re not opening a new Flaman Trailers location in Siberia. But an interesting story unfolded this past March where trailers purchased from Flaman Trailers in Nisku played a background, but important, role in taking some special guests to the northern Russian region. 

Parks Canada moved 30 Wood Bison calves from Elk Island National Park in Alberta to Lenskie Stolby National Nature Park in Sakha, Russia as a way to preserve the animals’ endangered population. This move created what is called an “out-population” in a region where bison went extinct thousands of years ago. Essentially, having these bison in Russia is an insurance policy, in case anything happens to the vulnerable population here in Canada.
So where does Flaman Trailers fit into all this? Well, as one woman quips in the documentary of the bison’s journey filmed by Discovery Channel, you can’t transport the bison in passenger seats.
The 30 calves were loaded into Southland stock trailers purchased from Flaman to make the one hour trip to Edmonton International Airport. These loaded trailers were then put on a Russian transport plane for the 10 hour flight to Yakutsk, Russia, then continued on a four hour drive along bumpy roads and a frozen river to the nature park.
These trailers had been in Russia since 2006, after they carried bison there as part of a pilot project. Almost five years later, as they were given the once over before the bison were loaded in, the trailers looked “excellent” according to the General Trades Assistant at Elk Island. I think it’s a testament to the quality of these Southland units – not only their durability but the fact they were trusted with carrying such precious cargo.
You can watch the story of the Flying Bison on Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet” by clicking this link www.discoverychannel.ca/article.aspx?aid=31897

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New Enclosed Trailer Line Up

Posted by Steve Whittington Feb 22, 2011

The 2011 Lightning line by Southland Trailer Corp has been redesigned away from a V-nose back to the traditional flat front.

Economy without Comprise

Sure it's a tag line, but really what else should I write, because the line is the proper description for the Lightning trailer. Sometimes you do not want a trailer with all the bells and whistles - you might be a customer that is only going to use a trailer several times a year, or maybe you have just started a business and cash is tight. Either way with the new Lightning line, Flaman Trailers has the trailer for you.

The new Lightning line has an all tubing main frame. The interior is lined with plywood not luan and the units ride on robust spring axles. Sure the aluminum skin is mechanically fastened with screws and the the lights are incandescent as opposed to LED lighting, but these are standard specifications for this class of trailer.  The rear taillights are rubber mounted and most LED lights are fix mounted. I personally still debate whether a rubber mounted LED which can absorb travel shock will last longer than a fixed mounted LED with has to take the full jarring impact of the road.

As mentioned above, the unit is a flat front in the traditional style of enclosed trailers and conforms to the standard box sizes.  You, our customer, have been asking for an entry level priced unit and through consultation with our partner manufacturer this line up is it.

Canadian made, Canadian value, Flaman Trailer services what we sell. Come to our locations and see the new Lightning trailers starting at $2,995.

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XR Sport - Side by Side ATV Trailer

Posted by Flaman Sep 01, 2010

Southland Trailers Has recently came out with a new addition to their enclosed line up. The XR Sport Model is designed specifically to haul your side by side ATV.

The trailer comes standard with extra 8” of height with allows you enough room to ride your ATV in with ease. (rear door height - 81", rear door width - 74") The entire frame is constructed of hollow structural steel (HSS). Full tubing construction means increased strength and rigidity. We upgraded the flooring to high grade structural mezzanine decking, perfect for construction or recreational use.

The Sport model comes standard with 4, recessed D-rings rated at over 500lbs each for the safety of whatever you’re hauling. An aluminum tread plate 24” rock guard wraps the front of this trailer, On some models we have also added aluminum rims, this increases longevity of the rim and gives the trailer a polished look. The XR Sport comes standard with Flo thru vents and utilizes slim line LED lighting throughout the exterior of the trailer.

There are many color options available to you, here we feature our “Camo Edition” this is a limited edition trailer with only a few models available. This unique trailer would be great for hauling your side by side on your next hunting trip! Because of the many features this trailer has such as the extra height and heavy duty flooring we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from customers who use the trailer for more commercial and industrial uses as well.

Whatever you chose to use this trailer for, you will be satisfied with the quality and workmanship that Southland Trailers provides For more information, please contact your local Flaman Trailer Dealer.

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