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Fusarium Field Day

Posted by Flaman Jul 21, 2017

We’re going on a Field Trip! On Tuesday, July 25th 2017, we’re off to Melfort Research Farms, located 1.6 miles south of Melfort, Sk on Hwy 6. They are putting on a morning event all about Fusarium Head Blight. With two industry experts to walk you through all the activities and information, the day is scheduled to start at 9AM and topics include:
  • Fusarium Head Blight Biology
  • Effects of FHB on Cereal Crops
  • Optimal Application Technology
  • How to Improve Grade Out of the Field
PLUS! Bring your Grain Samples and have it cleaned and tested! If you have a sample of grain (minimum two, 5 Gallon pails) bring it and have it tested for vomi-levels before, cleaned, and tested after so you can see in live action how you are able to Improve the Grade of your grain this harvest. Machines will be on site complete with staff to operate them and explain how it works.

Everyone is welcome and it’s completely FREE! Pre-registration is requested to ensure enough chairs and space is made available. Just click here to send in your name, email, and how many people are attending (don’t forget to count yourself).
In addition to Tuesday’s Fusarium day, Melfort Research Farms is hosting a second Field day the following day, Wednesday July 26th 2017. You can use the same registration link to sign up for Tuesday, Wednesday, or both days.

See you there!
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Demand Grows for Vomitoxin Cleaning Services - excerpt

Posted by Michelle Corry Apr 11, 2017

Below is an excerpt from "Demand Grows for Vomitoxin Cleaning Services" by Brian Cross of the Western Producer. For the full article visit the Western Producer Online

With fusarium graminearum and its toxic vomitoxin sidekick deoxynivalenol (DON) stealing potentially hundreds of millions of dollars a year from Canadian farm revenues, the thought of paying toll processors to clean up commercial grain deliveries is gaining momentum.

Mitch Flaman, operations manager with Flaman Grain Cleaning and Handling, said a lot of growers mistakenly assume that a sample with little or no FDK should easily meet industry standards or contract specs for vomitoxin. However, removing FDK does not guarantee that vomitoxin levels are also being lowered. Flaman said it’s critically important to know what you have in your bin and what you’re trying to remove from a sample.

“Early in the season, a lot of guys were getting away with selling their grain based on visual parameters only,” said Flaman, who sells a variety of grain cleaners, including colour sorters, gravity tables and highly specialized machines that sort grain using near infrared transmittance.“ In other words, if you could clean up your grain visually, there were some elevators that were buying based on visual grades only,” he said. “But what we started to find out later was that some stuff that looked very good visually still had very high levels of vomitoxin. So toward the end of the year, it seemed like almost every elevator started to price grain based on vomitoxin.”

The task of buying and selling grain can become a bit murky when FDK and vomitoxin are involved. In part, that’s because FDK is recognized in Canada as a visual grading determinant, while vomitoxin is not. However, vomitoxin is often mentioned in delivery contracts as a quality or contract spec, meaning high levels can significantly affect the value of grain being sold, regardless of how good the delivery looks. In some cases, farmers who cleaned up their samples to remove FDK were surprised to learn that they were facing substantial price discounts because vomitoxin levels were still above spec, Flaman said. “Understanding the difference between visual FDK and internal kernel toxicity (DON) has kept the industry busy with this year’s epidemic.”

“In the last few weeks, I’ve had more interest, more inquiries from people that are interested in (cleaning grain), than I could possibly handle in an entire year,” said Jason Basset, a grain farmer from Bruno, Sask., who also runs a grain cleaning company called Peterson Grain Processing. Basset is currently waiting to take delivery of a BoMill TriQ, a Swedish built grain cleaner that uses near infrared transmittance to remove vomitoxin. Unlike colour sorters that use near infrared reflectance to assess the external surface of a seed, the TriQ uses light to penetrate the seed coat. This allows the machine to assess a seed’s internal chemical composition. The TriQ has the ability to analyze each seed individually and sort seeds based on vomitoxin levels. Basset plans to use his machine to remove vomitoxin from malting barley. Vomitoxin specs for malting barley are typically.5 to one p.p.m. In one barley sample that Basset had analyzed, the TriQ removed 18 percent of the most heavily infected kernels and reduced total vomitoxin levels from two p.p.m. or higher to .5 p.p.m. or lower. In that scenario, a 10,000 bushel bin of barley that would otherwise be rejected by maltsters and sold as feed could potentially be cleaned and sold as 8,200 bu. of malt.

For the full article visit the Western Producer Online

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Disney's Approach To Quality Service

Posted by Steve Whittington Nov 18, 2016

Flaman Welcomes Disney Institute to Saskatoon.

We aspire in the betterment of your staff, and our customers

In 2017 retail brands are scrambling to differentiate themselves.  There is still some product exclusivity left but for the most part product X can be replaced by product Y.  This then just leaves price and the experience.  Customer Experience that is the key to making your customers loyal, giving them a reason to pick your organization over the one down the road. In fact if you are good enough the customer will talk you up and tell their friends if you need product X go see Retailer ABC.  If you are really good the customer will become a promoter, a brand ambassador and is excited about doing business with you and receiving messages from you; the customer might even be delighted by any interaction with your retail brand.   There is a company that creates this experience consistently; Disney.
We have been in a boom economy for a long time.  It was good times.  Business was good, in fact it was so good some might be honest enough to admit it was easy. It is not easy anymore.  Combine a tightened economy with a customer that has more choice and the power to broadcast any mishap a brand makes via social media and review sites business has gone from being interesting at times to frightening.  Customer Service Excellence has to be a top priority for every business. I personally lead the customer journey focus at Flaman Group of companies measuring all the touch points to rank for improvement. This is a journey we believe can never stop. This is where Disney Institute comes in and why Flaman Group of Companies has assisted to bring Disney Institute to Saskatchewan. 

So what does bringing to Saskatchewan mean?
Well on March 9th Disney Institute will be hosting their full day interactive learning experience:  Disney's Approach to Quality Service sponsored by ACC and Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and co-sponsored by FLAMAN Group of Companies.
Who is Disney Institute?
Disney Institute is the professional development and external training arm of The Walt Disney Company. The company showcases 'the business behind the magic' through seminars, workshops and presentations, as well as programs for professionals from many different industries, including healthcare, aerospace/aviation, government/military, food/beverage and retail.
What will the course provide?
The one-day event will help area professionals begin to examine how they can differentiate their service to become a provider of choice and understand the processes necessary to develop a culture that consistently delivers that exceptional service. This day of Disney Institute training uses business insights and time-tested examples from Disney parks and resorts worldwide to inspire individuals and organizations to enhance their own customer experience using Disney principles as their guide. Disney’s Approach to Quality Service gives participants the chance to explore how customer experience insights and time-tested examples from Disney parks and resorts worldwide can provide relevant illustrations and engaging stories to help organizations deliver the type of long-term results they are capable of delivering.        
So I have taken the course…
The course woke me up to what I needed to do, in fact the course was transformative to my thinking. The session itself was remarkable in how it brought the concepts to life which provided clarity and deep understanding. I personally came out of the course with a deep belief of what quality service really is and how every single team member at Flaman Group of Companies is so important to making our customers' experiences remarkable. After the course, I applied the thinking to Flaman Group of Companies to aid our culture shift towards the entire customer journey.
So why is Disney Institute coming to Saskatchewan important?
Beyond learning to create remarkable experiences for your customers, there are other things happening with Disney Institute coming to Saskatchewan.  This course could be the start of movement in customer service excellence which will help define and differentiate how business is done in Saskatchewan. This is not pie in the sky thinking it could happen and imagine where the companies could rise to if they embark on this journey.

Steve Whittington

Walt Disney Company’s 90 years of world-renowned Customer Service Excellence into your organization March 9, 2017 at TCU Place.
Disney Institute, the training arm of the Walt Disney Company, is coming to Saskatoon with their full day interactive learning experience:

Focusing on the customer experience has become the single most important way for an organization to achieve success — often becoming its key differentiator and competitive advantage. You have the opportunity to learn Disney’s Approach to Quality Service. One of the world’s most recognized names in business solutions; Disney Institute, the professional development training arm of the Walt Disney Company, is coming to Saskatoon.

Saskatoon Testimonials:
"The course was transformative to our thinking. The session itself was remarkable in how it brought the concepts to life which provided clarity and deep understanding. I personally came out of the course with a deep belief of what quality service really is and how every single team member at Flaman Group of Companies is so important to making our customers' experiences remarkable.” 
~STEVE WHITTINGTON Vice President Marketing and Customer Experience FLAMAN - Group of Companies
"Treating Donors, Clients and Volunteers the Disney Way is an inspiration everyday since taking my very first Disney training in Regina. Bringing the Disney experience to your business or organization is so much fun!!" ~ CINDY FUCHS Vice President -
The Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan
Thank you Event Sponsors, Hosts and Marketing Participants: The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, FLAMAN Group of Companies, the Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan Industrial and Mining Suppliers Association.

 The Walt Disney Company’s 90 years of Customer Service Excellence Best Practices March 9, 2017 at TCU Place Saskatoon is now sold out. To receive information on the next Disney learning experience and/or pre-reserve your seats; email info@investinyou.today 
As to Disney artwork/properties: © Disney
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Protect that crop from fusarium

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jun 28, 2016

It seems everybody is forecasting a great crop this year!  Now, we can't control the weather, but we can protect the crop from things like fusarium, otherwise it's value will quickly decline.

With the recent warm and wet weather, the fusarium risk is growing in Saskatchewan and ongoing in Manitoba.  Today's risk maps reveal the situation:

So, here are some handy charts to help you assess the risk and plan your spray:

This spraying requires the safe and accurate handling of chemical, and Flaman has what you need to do this.
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Great crops forecasted - at least twice

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jun 28, 2016

Today's crop assessment map demonstrates a crop developing at higher than normal rates and the complete opposite of last year's lower than normal rates (see below).  This confirms the need for a warning by APAS last week when, "The potential for this year's crop to be a record setting event has been confirmed by the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS).  In a recent press release, APAS issued notice to rail companies to be prepared for what could be a large crop this year.  You can see their actual press release here."

This year:

Last year:

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Craig Reynolds Speaks to Flaman on 'Change'

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Mar 28, 2016

The Flaman Agriculture division meetings were highlighted by a presentation on “change” by Craig Reynolds, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club.  
Clearly the Riders have seen significant change this year and Craig provided some key insights as to how and why change happens. Both business and football have competitive environments were change is sometimes necessary.
The image below features Flaman’s Saskatchewan agriculture team, with Craig standing just left of centre.

Thank you Craig for coming to our meeting and sharing with our team!
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Mustard prices highest ever due to shortages

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Oct 23, 2015


Mustard prices rise on back of weak harvest

From canada to India, there is a squeeze on mustard that has put producers in a pickle.
Prices of the yellow condiment dabbed on hotdogs and pretzels have leaped to their highest level in seven years this autumn as growers in Western canada, which supplies three-quarters of the world’s traded mustard seed, turn in their smallest crop in nine years.In India, the price of a contract representing both mustard seed and rapeseed, related crops grown in the same areas, has surged by a fifth to record highs in the past three weeks over fears that unseasonably hot weather will prevent sowing that would normally begin later this month.
The higher prices threaten to drive up costs for Kraft Heinz Co., maker of Grey Poupon, and Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc, maker of French’s, which hold more than 40 per cent of the market share for North America’s fourth-favourite condiment by sales according to some estimates.
but it is smaller producers like barhyte Specialty Foods in Pendleton, Ore., that are feeling the most immediate pinch. It lost customers after raising its price on organic brands to cover the cost of buying extra supplies from canada.
“We took a big spike this year,” said chief executive chris barhyte, whose company makes private label mustard as well as its own Suzie’s brand. Although the bulk of his mustard seed comes from domestic farmers, he increased purchases from canada to meet heightened demand for organic products that now make up roughly 40 per cent of his overall needs. Prices for canadian organic seed were nearly 30 per cent higher than in past years, he said.
While farmers savour rising prices and food makers bemoan higher costs, those hurting most may be the middlemen who buy crops from farmers on the spot market to meet forward sales.
Some exporters are “panic buying” due to scarcity, said bob Waldbauer, director of mustard seed sales at broadGrain commodities in dafoe, Saskatchewan. “It’s not a matter of price, it’s a matter of supply.”
He declined to name any specific firms. The biggest exporter to the United States is Viterra Inc., a canadian grains trader owned by Swiss mining and trading firm Glencore Plc, according to data from PIerS. company representatives did not respond to requests for comment.

To be sure, ructions in the niche mustard market barely register amid the meltdown engulfing larger commodities.
U.S. imports of mustard seed came to just $52 million last year, almost all of that from canada, and the entire U.S. retail market is worth about $430 million, according to euromonitor. consumers may barely notice, as seeds make up only 15 per cent of the average retail price for a bottle of mustard, said Walter dyck, seed division manager at Wisconsin-based mustard manufacturer Olds Products company.
The crop is a mere blip on the canadian Prairies, where farmers planted 75 times more wheat than mustard this year.
The problem emanates from canada, where farmers sowed only 325,000 acres (131,523 hectares) of mustard this year, less than half the 2003 record high. It has fallen out of favour with many farmers for relatively lower returns.
In addition, dry weather cut yields, producing only 109,300 tonnes of mustard this year, down 45 per cent from last year’s output, according to Statistics canada.
Processors have recently paid farmers 45 to 50 canadian cents per pound for yellow mustard seed on the spot market, where they are likely to source about half their supplies this year, dyck said. “It’s really, really tight.” The impact is felt most keenly in the United States, where local production covers barely a tenth of domestic demand. The rest is imported from canada, with shipments up 15 per cent this year, according to U.S. International Trade commission data.
big, diversified food companies have been partly protected from this year’s rise, thanks to extensive advance purchases, but next year may be a different story, as high spot prices influence a new set of supply contracts.
“clearly when the price goes up, things change. demand and price go hand in hand,” said elliott Penner, president of French’s Food company, which commands 30 per cent market share with sales of $132 million, according to euromonitor.
Kraft Heinz’s Grey Poupon, which is second in the market with 11.5 per cent, is also competing for more seeds, and launched a strategy this year to boost mustard sales. Kraft Heinz declined to comment.
conAgra Foods Inc, whose Gulden’s brand is third at 6 per cent, said it had not experienced any disruption in production.
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Wheat Importers Stock Up on Cheap Grain as Dry Weather Looms in Russia

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Oct 15, 2015

Bloomberg, October 13 2015

The wheat market is seeing a flurry of business, signaling buyers may be locking in supplies as concerns develop about Russia’s next crop.

Major importing countries including Egypt, Algeria and Saudi Arabia have all bought wheat in international tenders in the past week, lured by prices that are about 14 percent lower than at the start of the year. While record crops worldwide have meantbargain prices this year for buyers, wheat costs in Chicago, Paris andRussia’s port city of Novorossiysk have all increased from the lows reached in late August or early September.

Russia, set to overtake the U.S. and Canada this season as the world’s biggest wheat exporter, has seen less than 40 percent of the normal amount of rain in the past 30 days across large swathes of its central and western growing regions, World Ag Weather data show, and much of Ukraine is in similar shape. While Black Sea-region farmers are still planting crops for next year’s harvest, and there’s plenty of time for a recovery in moisture, the concern has been enough to bring some buyers to the market.

“We’ve just started to see some risks looming for the 2016 crops,” Benjamin Bodart, a director at CRM Agri-Commodities in Newmarket, England, said by phone on Monday. “We’re not anywhere near a tight supply situation, but probably some major importing countries just took the opportunity to book forward some commodities.”

Egypt, the world’s biggest wheat importer, bought 180,000 metric tons in a tender on Friday, with supplies coming from Russia and Romania. Algeria, the largest buyer from France, purchased at least 675,000 tons, Reuters reported, citing traders in Europe.
Saudi Arabia’s state grains agency bought 740,000 tons of hard wheat, according to a statement on Monday.Wheat prices on the Chicago Board of Trade, the global benchmark, traded at $5.075 a bushel by 7:05 a.m. local time on Tuesday, about 9.5 percent higher than a four-month low reached in early September. Futures on Euronext in Paris, which traded at the lowest in almost a year on Sept. 4, are up almost 9 percent since then, while Russian prices climbed 8.4 percent since late August, according to pricing from the Moscow-based Institute for Agricultural Market Studies.

Even though prices have rebounded from recent lows, there are still plenty of wheat supplies around to stave off a larger rally, Bodart said. Global wheat stockpiles this season will reach the largest on record, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates. Ample supplies will send the world’s food

import bill this year to a five-year low, according to the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization in Rome.In other markets,
corn for December delivery fell 0.4 percent to $3.7925 a bushel in Chicago while soybeans for November delivery increased 0.7 percent to $8.9375 a bushel. Soybean meal for December delivery gained 0.7 percent to $311.50 for 2,000 pounds.
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Spot mustard prices hit fresh highs on reduced acreage

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Sep 30, 2015

CNS Canada — Producers who opted against selling mustard earlier in the season are now relishing the spot market, which is reaching fresh highs not seen since 2008 against contract prices.

Delivered elevator prices are between 45 to 46 cents per pound for yellow mustard, 31 to 33 for brown, and 34 to 36 for oriental, according to Prairie Ag Hotwire.

Those prices are the highest they’ve been against contract prices in seven years, said Walter Dyck of Olds Foods Products.

“I think the market is moving now because it anticipates a small crop,” he said. “I think that caught a lot of people by surprise.”

This year’s production is estimated at 109,400 tonnes, compared with 198,000 in 2014, according to Statistics Canada.

Farmers only have limited amount of land they can put into oilseeds, so this may have just been one of those years where it was tricky for producers to work mustard into their rotation, Dyck said.

There was also a shortage of certified planting seed in Canada this year.

Despite minor complications, the mustard harvest has been progressing well in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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USDA probes release of incorrect data that pressured crop prices

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Sep 16, 2015

Chicago | Reuters — A U.S. Agriculture Department (USDA) unit is reviewing its procedures after posting incorrect crop data online on Wednesday, an error that temporarily pressured grain prices.

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) inadvertently issued the wrong data on crop acreage around 5 a.m. CT and posted corrected data four hours later.

The agency is investigating why the error occurred and reviewing procedures “to make certain there are checks to avoid any future errors of this sort,” FSA spokesman Kent Politsch said.

Some traders said the error eroded their confidence in USDA, which is considered the gold standard for data on crop production, supplies and demand.

“The whole thing was funny, embarrassing, very much so for the FSA,” said Ted Seifried, vice-president of the Chicago brokerage Zaner Group.

The erroneous data showed that U.S. farmers reported they could not plant 1.622 million acres of corn as of Sept. 3, down from 2.301 million acres reported in August, and 848,000 acres of soybeans, down from 2.173 million in August.

The numbers pushed down futures prices as traders projected the declines in so-called “prevented plantings” would translate into increased production.

One trader said the drop in prices automatically triggered his pre-placed order to exit a position in wheat futures. The market later recovered before trading back down to the trigger price, indicating the order was probably executed earlier than it would have been had FSA not issued the incorrect data, he said.

After 9 a.m. CT, the FSA issued corrected data, which increased prevented plantings to 2.352 million acres for corn and 2.219 million for soybeans.

The agency removed the incorrect data from its website after it was posted and intentionally delayed the release of the correct data so that users were aware it was coming, a USDA official said.

Still, officials may face criticism for the error next month at an annual USDA data users’ meeting in Chicago.

“USDA deserves the embarrassment of this colossal mistake,” tweeted Bill Nelson, analyst for Doane Advisory Services in St. Louis.

October is the first month in which USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) considers FSA acreage data when making its own acreage estimates for a monthly crop report.

Lance Honig, chief of the crops branch for NASS, said he feels “every bit as confident in the FSA data as I did before today… They took very quick action to correct it.”

Tom Polansek reports on agriculture and ag commodity markets for Reuters from Chicago. Additional reporting for Reuters by Michael Hirtzer in Chicago.

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Russian Bakers Want Change to Wheat Duty That Tries to Help Them

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Aug 13, 2015

Bloomberg is reporting that . . . .

Russia should change a levy on wheat exports that led to a slump in shipments last month, according to the local bakers and pig farmers the policy is trying to help.

Sales abroad by Russia, the third-largest wheat exporter, fell 53 percent in July from a year earlier to the lowest level for that month since 2009, according to figures from grain carrier ZAO Rusagrotrans and the government. The drop followed the enforcement of the export duty to shield bakers and farmers of livestock from rising prices amid double-digit food inflation.

“We support regulating exports,” said Valery Cheshinsky, president of the Russian Union of Bread Baking Industry. “But we don’t wish harm to anyone.”


The bakers’ lobby, whose members produce more than half of Russia’s bread, is joining the National Pig Farmers’ Union in supporting calls for changes to the levy, with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev seeking proposals on the issue by Sept. 10. Concerns include the possibility that Russian wheat farmers will sow less of the grain if exports continue to decline.

The tax should be a certain percentage of the customs value of shipments or a fixed amount, replacing the current more complex formula, according to Cheshinsky. That would make the situation more predictable for exporters and allow flour millers to build reserves at the start of each season when prices are typically lower, he said.

Full story is at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-13/russian-bakers-want-change-to-wheat-duty-that-tries-to-help-them

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Farmer in Italy testing methane powered New Holland tractor

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Aug 11, 2015

Luca Remmert's farm in Venaria, Reale, Italy is testing the New Holland T6 Methane Tractor technology, which  is being developed with the goal of making farms self-sufficient.


Methane would be 30-percent cheaper than diesel. And for farms that produce their own bio-methane, the costs of fuel would drop to nothing. Bio-methane is a type of gas produced by the processing of organic waste — something farms have a lot of.

“When the machinery is ready, I will be among the first customers,” Remmert said recently at the farm, where New Holland was showing off the technology.

The methane-run T6 would hit production in about five years, according to New Holland.

For a farm to get the most savings out of it, it would have to be able to produce bio-methane, which has significant upfront equipment costs. In addition, the drive toward biofuels is being slowed by the sharp drop in the cost of fossil fuel over the last year.

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El Nino Defying Rain Seen Boosting Australia Wheat Yield Outlook

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Aug 06, 2015

Bloomberg is reporting today that . . .

Australia’s wheat harvest may be bigger than previously forecast as rain in the past month boosted the outlook for yields, according to National Australia Bank Ltd.

Output may total 21.6 million metric tons this season amid better conditions in New South Wales and South Australia, agribusiness economist Phin Ziebell wrote in a report on Thursday. The bank had previously warned that El Nino risked reducing the crop to 20 million tons or less. Timely rainfall in spring, which starts in September, may further boost production to about 23 million tons, the bank estimates.

Farmers and traders are assessing the impact of El Nino, which typically brings dry weather to eastern Australia and parts of Asia while altering rainfall in South America. The Pacific Ocean weather pattern continues to strengthen and will last into next year, Australia’s weather bureau predicts. The wheat crop is holding up better-than-expected as recent rainfall helped ease concerns El Nino would curb production, a survey of six analysts and traders compiled by Bloomberg shows.


Full story at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-06/el-nino-defying-rain-seen-boosting-australia-wheat-yield-outlook

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Russian PM orders proposals on wheat export duty

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Aug 04, 2015

Reuters is reporting that . . . .

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the preparation of proposals on a grain export duty, following a meeting on the Russian agriculture sector on Monday, according to the government's website.

Medvedev, whose comments were published by the website, did not make any specific orders on the duty. The website also quoted him as saying Russia plans to have a grain crop of around 100 million tonnes this year.


Russia introduced a wheat export tax in July, intended to stop exports surging if the rouble drops steeply.

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U.S. spring wheat yield projections highest ever

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 31, 2015

Reuters is reporting that . . .

U.S. spring wheat yield projections highest ever

Average yield seen at 49.9 bushels per acre

Fargo, N.D. (Reuters) — Yield potential for spring wheat grown in the northern U.S. Plains was projected as the highest on record, with the crop benefiting from timely planting and cool weather, according to results from an annual crop tour.

Scouts on the Wheat Quality Council’s three-day tour of North Dakota, the top spring wheat state, and adjacent areas in Minnesota and South Dakota projected an average hard red spring wheat yield of 49.9 bushels per acre, exceeding the tour’s 2014 forecast of 48.6 bushels and the tour’s prior five-year average of 45.2 bushels.

The forecast was the biggest on record, with figures dating back to 1992. Previously, the 2014 projection was the biggest ever.

Full story at http://www.agcanada.com/daily/u-s-spring-wheat-yield-projections-highest-ever

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Oil seed crushing - continues on trend lines with June rising

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 23, 2015

Statistics Canada released the June 2015 oil seed crushing data today.

The amounts have level-off over the past few years.


However, June-only amounts continue to rise.

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Manitoba rust diseases dissipate as fusarium appears

Posted by Flaman Agriculture Jul 17, 2015

CNS is reporting that . . .

The spread of leaf and stripe rust in southern Manitoba appears to be over.

The diseases, which generally target cereal crops, were thought to have blown up from the northern U.S. in late spring. Fields near Carman and Killarney both tested positive for rust in winter and spring wheat.

Recent warm weather, however, appears to have dealt the two rusts a deadly blow.

“Not with this heat — rust doesn’t enjoy 30 C days, even though we’ve had precipitation; it’s just been too hot,” said Pam de Rocquigny of Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development in Carman.

She credited producers in the affected areas for scouting fields and applying fungicides where needed, as the main reasons for the diseases’ departure.

The ag department’s focus now shifts to fusarium head blight, she said, as now is the time the crops traditionally show symptoms.

Full story at http://www.agcanada.com/daily/manitoba-rust-diseases-dissipate-as-fusarium-appears

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BoMill TriQ: A Fusarium Management Solution

Posted by Flaman Mar 25, 2015

The newest technology being brought to the Canadian agriculture industry has benefits for everyone. BoMill, a Swedish company, offers a management solution to the fusarium problem that’s been a growing concern in Western Canada. The BoMill TriQ is a grain sorter that sorts wheat, durum, and barley by protein, vitreousness, and fusarium. Sheldon Ball, the sorter specialist at Flaman, says, “It’s the only product we’re aware of that sorts individual kernels by fusarium.” BoMill increases the accuracy of other processes by analyzing the chemical make-up of kernels, not just the colour, and it does it by individual kernel, instead of in a batch.

Fusarium is a fungus that produces mycotoxins during the infection process. Mycotoxins are toxic and are not destroyed during processing such as milling, baking, malting, or ethanol production.*  The BoMill TriQ grain quality sorter will sort the yields and improve the quality for a top selling dollar. More importantly, the sorted yield will be a safer product for final consumption.

The TriQ is also an excellent tool to clean grain for seed. Its patented technology (read about the NIT below) analyzes the ability a kernel has for germination, or its vitreousness. By setting a fraction to sort by vitreousness, you can get a yield that is 100% capable of germination. Talk about bumper crop potential!

NIT Technology

NIT (Near Infrared Transmission) Technology is a patented sensory system that utilizes infrared light to test the chemical make up of a kernel. This new technology, found only in the BoMill IQ and TriQ products, allows kernels to be sorted according to their germination capabilities (vitreousness), fusarium, and protein content. This technology is capable of yielded a 100% vitreous output, which translates to guaranteed better yield if used for seed. It also means healthier product for consumption by people and animals.

Individual Kernel Analysis
Although other machines exist that focus on individual kernel sorting, such as color sorting, this is the first machine that sorts individual kernels by fusarium. Other methods will take a batch of grain and sort by weight, making heavier and lighter kernels separate to the top and bottom. This is a good method, however the individual kernel analysis yields a higher accuracy.

Wireless Monitoring
The graphical user interface makes it possible to control the sorting using any device with a browser, such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Due to its user-friendly design, it makes the training sessions intuitive and time efficient.

Flaman Grain Cleaning is the licensed dealer in Canada for BoMill’s grain sorters. “With Flaman as our Distributor in Canada we will have a strong partner,” says Karin Wehlin, CEO BoMill AB. “Flaman’s long presence in the grain cleaning market and know-how as well as established service organization is important for our future”. You can contact one of Flaman’s staff members to get more information by email or by calling 1-888-435-2626. You can also visit the product page for the BoMill TriQ and IQ products.

*Website: http://www.agriculture.gov.sk.ca/fusarium-head-blight

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Benefits of Buying a Meridian Bin

Posted by Flaman Jan 28, 2015

As an Ag Sales Representative for Flaman, it seems natural to launch my blog with something I have grown up with.  It’s something I truly have a passion for, and hopefully something that will give some insight into your decision making process when buying a Meridian bin.
I started my young career working for Meridian Manufacturing- then known as Wheatland Bins - in the welding shop pushing a broom, then I moved to the wash bay, and eventually to powder coating and finishing a completed bin.
Following that, my crew and I ventured out on our own building corrugated bins across Alberta.  Today when I discuss grain and fertilizer storage needs with prospective customers, I find I have a unique perspective both in smooth walled and corrugated bins as well as 8complete storage systems.
So what are the benefits of buying a Meridian Bin? Let’s begin with the question of choosing a smooth skin over a corrugated line.
Let’s face it, there are many corrugated bins to choose from; Twister, Westeel, Behlen, Gobal, the list goes on and on. The main line of thinking is that Meridian is the more expensive option, and choosing a corrugated line will save money. Although this may be true, the real savings with corrugated bins come when you get into much larger scale flat bottom bins. The small increase in price when moving to a Meridian can easily be offset when thinking about its benefits.
1)   Customer Service – Ready to use upon delivery
2)   Durability - All weather eco-friendly powder coat finish
3)   Resale – heavy duty no compromise quality that can be moved
4)   Value – inspected, exceeding industry standards
5)   Peace of Mind – saving time and money
Now that I have you thinking about Meridian Bins specifically- here are a few things to consider when purchasing the right bin for you.
1)   How much more storage you are hoping to gain?
Meridian carries a variety of sizes of smooth wall bins. From 6’ diameter feed bins all the way to 18’ diameter fertilizer and grain storage.
Typically for transportation purposes, a 16’ diameter bin is used and can get you up to 6000 bushels of storage.
2)   How long is your loading auger? This will determine your overall height of bin
If you’re not in the market to buy a new auger with your bin purchase, you will want to make sure your current one is up to the task. Below is a simple chart.
Grain Max
Total Height
Auger Length
3)   What kind of product do you want to store?
If you are looking for an easy solution for grain storage only, the grain max series provides you with convenient no hang up storage. If you are wanting to have the option to store both fertilizer and grain, a multipurpose bin will suit your needs.
Liquid storage, as well as HD storage for cement or sand are also an option through the Meridian commercial division.
4)   What options can I bundle with my new bin?
Flaman can provide you with all the necessary options to go along with your new grain bin. Aeration fans, rockets, as well as temperature and moisture cables are great additions to protect your investment and give you peace of mind.
Beyond these advantages comes further benefits and savings. Consider the money you can save by purchasing a fertilizer bin this year.
If you are able to buy your Fertilizer- let’s take ammonia at *$570 in a low season in your new Meridian 1625 bin. Then in high season the price jumps to $670 per ton. You’re saving $100 per ton, and are able to take as much as 165 tonnes. $16,500. In exactly one purchase you have paid almost paid for your bin.
Later during harvest, you have the ability to store excess grain, throw in an aeration tube, even carefully control and maintain temperature throughout the storage season. The complete system all taken care of by your local provider, Flaman.


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B & B Podcast

Posted by Steve Whittington Jun 03, 2014

Southland TrailersJim Behnke from Behnke Enterprises talks to Steve about Ag Transports and changes he has seen in his 27 year career in the Trailer Industry. Behnke Enterprises is a truly world class and worldwide brand with distribution in many countries and continents. Behnke Enterprises manufacturers a diverse product line of Ag Transport equipment and industrial trailers that allows evolving. Listen, learn, and enjoy the podcast.

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Grow a Mo to Support Your Bros

Posted by Flaman Nov 29, 2013

Another fateful Movember is drawing to a close. I’m not sure if I will be sad or slightly relieved to see those moustaches shaved off. That being said, we had another very successful year here at Flaman. Many of our staff grew moustaches in support of Movember, and, with $100 per moustache donated by the company, we raised $11,000. Great job everyone!
Movember is all about raising awareness of men’s health issues. Men seem to be more reluctant to talk about health-related topics such as getting a yearly physical exam at their doctors or getting a prostate exam. But these are important tests that can detect cancer and other diseases early, which will mean a better chance of recovery.
The guys at Flaman use Movemeber as an opportunity to grow their best moustache and compete with their fellow co-workers. Our founder, Frank Flaman, even participated and grew himself a moustache as well. I have to say, my favorite moustache was “grown” by Zach Seely. The reason I use quotations around the word “grown” is because he decided to draw a moustache and goatee on his face in Sharpie. Now that’s commitment to the cause!
Last year we did things a little differently and collected donations from family, friends and even customers. We surpassed last year’s donation of $10,000. This year we had 110 employees participate. Our goal next year is to bump it up by another $1,000 and donate $12,000. I know we can do it because the employees here at Flaman are awesome and have impressive moustache-growing abilities.
Head over to our Facebook page and check out our photo album full of all our wonderful moustaches.


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Flaman named Top 100 Company

Posted by Jennifer Thompson Sep 27, 2013

Flaman Group of Companies is proud to announce that we have been named #49 on Saskatchewan’s Top 100 Companies List for 2013.

This list is published annually in Saskatchewan Business Magazine and looks at a company’s overall sales. The final rankings were revealed at a gala on September 4 and the full list is available in the September magazine edition. Saskatchewan Business Magazine is home to the original and official Top 100 Companies List for Saskatchewan. First published in 1984, the list remains the barometer of Saskatchewan’s top performing businesses. 
“The only reason we made the list is because of our customers,” said Don Flaman, president. “Thank you to all our customers for supporting us.”
The Top 100 List paints a positive picture for business in Saskatchewan. According to the magazine, revenues are up across the board and Saskatchewan is a “must be” destination for business, boasting major private firms along with the traditional co-ops or Crown corporations.
“Saskatchewan businesses have found their stride, a testament to the quality of owners and managers who have developed a unique skill set, learning to excel in a market best characterized by its sparse population and expansive landmass while roughly two thirds of its output is destined for a buyer outside our borders,” writes Paul Martin in the September issue of Saskatchewan Business Magazine.  

“This annual listing is as much a celebration of the past – of those who built an environment that attracts players from all corners of the planet – as it is a tribute to the new players who are helping to broaden and deepen our entrepreneurial pool.”

Saskatchewan Top 100 Companies award   

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Harvest Report: Crop progress and removing dockage

Posted by Mitch Flaman Sep 06, 2013

A few weeks ago when I started this blog entry, I was excited to report that agriculture equipment dealerships were approaching sold-out inventory levels and already delivering machinery to numerous producers province-wide. It was actually a bittersweet situation getting stuck on a secondary highway behind a semi hauling a combine for 16 miles with no option to pass. But, on the other hand, it was exciting to know that harvest was just around the corner. Needless to say, a few weeks later harvest is now in full swing and farmers are going hard.

To date, 14% of Saskchewan crops are combined and are experiencing above average yields (Sask Agriculture). “We haven’t seen crops like this in years,” one producer told me as he was gearing up to go swathing. “Let’s just hope the weather permits.” The 2013 crop season is looking to record bumper crops in many areas. One major worry for many producers is the fear of the dirty “F” word – frost. A late spring has consequently resulted in many crops province-wide maturing over a week late due to limiting seeding situations. This creates a vulnerable situation as the growing season is also extended by a week or more. On the plus side, we have been experiencing lots of hot and dry weather with no sign of frost in the near future. Fingers crossed, but if weather continues to cooperate there is going to be a province full of happy farmers with full bins.

As harvest is underway, producers are becoming more aware of volunteer varieties and other unwanted dockage in their crops. A windy harvest last year blew swaths all over fields and caused unwanted shelling of many commodities. Lots of these seeds germinated and grew into dockage this year. Flaman Grain Cleaning & Handling offers the answer to many of these situations, such as the Kwik Kleen grain cleaner. Whether you have volunteer flax in you oat crop or pesty Kochia growing in your wheat, the Kwik Kleen is designed to remove unwanted foreign material, as long as it can be sifted out.

Although the Kwik Kleen is not a “grain cleaner” in the sense that it is not designed to produce grain clean enough for seeding purposes, it can help clean out the bulk of smaller weed seeds from the larger sample. Kochia is a prime example of a weed seed that farmers would want to remove from their grain with a Kwik Kleen cleaner. Kochia’s high moisture content causes heating once it is mixed in a bin with other grains. This heating can ruin an entire bin full of grain, leaving it fairly useless to the farmer. The Kwik Kleen cleaner removes the Kochia from various grains like wheat, Durum, and other cereals by dropping it through a screen separation as it is augered through the Kwik Kleen before entering the bin.

I am pleased to say that in my opinion the future is looking bright for the 2013 crop year! Good luck to all the producers out there working from sunup to sundown and stay safe trying to get this year’s crop in the bin!

Happy Harvest
Mitch Flaman


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Choosing Between an Auger and Conveyor

Posted by Mark Flaman Jul 25, 2013

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose a conveyor over an auger or vice versa, but I'll make it a little easier for you to figure out exactly which product will best suit you.

One of the biggest factors in someone purchasing brand new for the first time will be the cost. Conveyors are quite a bit more expensive than augers, but tend to last two to three times longer overall than an auger. The flighting on an auger would have to be replaced before it has put through one million bushels, where we've seen the belting on a conveyor last three to four million bushels.  

You can also get away with a shorter auger for the size of bin you're loading into, as the unloading angle is a lot higher on an auger, versus having the grain fall back down the conveyor belt once it reaches a certain angle. The motor on a conveyor is positioned higher up on top of its tube, to avoid the interaction with chaff, and requires less horsepower than an auger. 

The last big thing that you may be concerned about is what kinds of commodities compliment the auger or conveyor. A conveyor will be more gentle and avoid cracking on pulse crops such as peas and lentils, but canola and other oil seeds are not recommended because the oil deteriorates the belt and gets gummed inside the conveyor. Augers, however, love oil seeds, as they almost lubricate the machine, leading to a much longer auger lifespan. 

Now that you've got all your information, give us a call for some pricing or check out our selections of augers here and conveyors here.

This handy infographic can help you decide whether an auger or a conveyor is best suited for your operation.

Choosing between an auger and a conveyor

 Download this infographic


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We're proud to be an ABEX finalist!

Posted by Jennifer Thompson Oct 04, 2012

As a project manager for Flaman’s marketing team, I am proud and excited to announce we’ve once again been nominated for a Marketing Award. Flaman Group of Companies was named a finalist in the 2012 Achievement in Business Excellence (ABEX) Awards in the Marketing category.

Our team was then encouraged to apply for the provincial ABEX award after receiving the Saskatoon Awards for Business Excellence (SABEX) award for Marketing in May. On September 5, we waited with baited breath for the announcement of the ABEX finalists and were thrilled when we were listed.

The nominees for Marketing this year are:
Flaman Group of Companies
Refresh Enterprises Inc.
Century 21 Diamond Realty
S&E Trusted Online Directory
Silver Star Salvage

The ABEX Awards are Saskatchewan’s largest celebration of private sector achievement. The event is hosted by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. The awards are open to any private sector business registered within the province, regardless of size, location or industry. In total, 46 nominations from Saskatchewan businesses were selected as finalists within the 10 ABEX categories.

At Flaman, we’re honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award. We work very hard to have a marketing plan that’s both strategic and creative but that ultimately offers up to our customers the products and services that they need.

“The quality and diversity of these finalists really showcases the way in which Saskatchewan’s economy is taking a leadership role within Canada, and across the global stage,” said Steve McLellan, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce in a press release.

This year’s ABEX awards gala is set for October 20th at the Delta Hotel in Regina, and is themed as a tribute to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. For more information visit www.saskchamber.com.

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Lessons from NATDA

Posted by Steve Whittington Sep 10, 2012

Every year, Flaman Trailers travels to the North American Trailer Dealer Association (NATDA) tradeshow to learn about changes in the industry.  This year the tradeshow was in St. Louis. This year, as we have every year, we learned a lot. There are new parts and new trailers coming into the industry and all manufacturers showcased new improvements to their line ups. This is a great event for the industry.  Besides the product specific learning, we also walked away with three big thoughts.

So what did we learn?
First, the industry is consolidating: like all industries the companies are getting bigger and buying each other. Broadly speaking, this means two things: there will be less manufacturers and thus less choice, but more resources put into the remaining trailer manufacturers, meaning increased quality and options, more innovations and ultimately increased value to the end customer. This is a good trend for the industry.
Second, the industry is growing.  The amount of dealers waxes and wanes but the industry leaders are getting bigger and better at what they do. Customers are receiving more pre- and post-sale consideration and care. The dealer network is becoming more professional and more dealers are offering full service solutions.  This too is a good trend for the industry.
Last, we learned as we always do, that we have work to do. Flaman Trailers strives to be an industry leader by providing trailers for every use.  We have more products to receive training on, and shortly we will have more products to offer, thus more choices to help you find the trailer that specifically meets your needs. 
We come out of this event every year with new ideas and new energy, with the ultimate goal of providing more value to our customers.  I can already say, I am looking forward to next year.


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Third Time's A Charm

Posted by Jennifer Thompson Jun 26, 2012

For the third year in a row, Flaman Rentals in Saskatoon has been named a Consumer Choice Award Winner. This division of Flaman rents out enclosed and flat deck trailers, along with agricultural equipment like discs, land rollers or mowers.

I recently attended the Consumer Choice Award ceremony with our marketing VP Steve Whittington at the beautiful Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon. We got to sip champagne and rub elbows with a lot of great business owners in the city, and of course, celebrate our own success!

This award is special because the winners are picked by our customers. It means a lot to us that people recognize our efforts to offer great customer service. We were also very pleased to win a Consumer Choice Award three years in a row. This means our team is consistent taking care of our customers’ needs. And we’re proud of that!

What’s great is that the Consumer Choice Award is becoming a trusted name in the Saskatoon area. Looking at the other winners gathered in the room that night, we knew we were in good company amongst other top businesses in Saskatoon.

A big “thank you!” is due to our rental team in Saskatoon for all their efforts and hard work every day and to our customers for continuing to choose Flaman Rentals.

Steve Whittington (middle) receiving our award from Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison and Consumer Choice Award President Marcel Sbrollini
Jennifer Thompson arriving at the awards ceremony.

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So You Want a Concession Trailer?

Posted by Steve Whittington Jun 25, 2012

At Flaman trailers we have offered concession trailers for some time. With the addition of the Wells Cargo line, we can really offer quality concession trailers from a company that knows the industry requirements.  We do receive requests for quotes for a concession trailer and they range from pointed requests such as “How much?” to more detailed inquiries.

The fact of the matter is when it comes to a concession trailer purchase, it should always be a detailed inquiry. However, you need to know what questions you should be asking prior to contacting a Trailer Sales specialist.
Here is a list of things to think about. In fact, you can use it as a check list prior to contacting us!
What is the Application of the trailer?
o   Food
o   Vending
o   Line-up
o   Display
o   Ticket booth
o   Other:__________
Size (Select the base box size)
o   Single axle 7 wide 12 or 14 long
o   Tandem axle 7 wide 12 ,14, 16 long
o   Tandem axle 8 wide 12 , 16 ,20, 24, 28, 32 long
o   Flat Floor
o   Recessed floor
Roof Profile
o   Radius Roof
o   Flat Roof
o   Permanent A-Frame
o   Removable
Stabilizer Jacks
o   Scissor Jacks
o   Corner Posts
Entry Door
o   30”  Square
o   36” Square
o   36” Radius
Service Windows -Style
o   No (skip next two questions)
o   Vertical Style
o   Horizontal Style
Service Windows – Quantity
o   Curbside
o   Roadside
o   Front
Lift up Awning – Quantity
o   One
o   Two
o   Three
o   More
Lift up Awning Style
o   Straight
o   Sign type –Aluminum faced
o   Sign type Plexiglas Faced
Awning Supports
o   Self Storing –standard up to 8’0” wide without supports
o   Swing out supports Standard on awnings over 8’0” wide
o   Gas Piston Supports
o   Sliding Awning Supports
o   One piece standard vinyl linoleum
o   One piece Heavy Duty skid resistant vinyl linoleum
o   Other
o   None
o   Walls
o   Ceiling
Interior Side Walls
o   Plywood
o   White vinyl covered plywood (light duty)
o   White embossed FRP plywood (heavy duty)
Interior Ceiling
o   White vinyl covered plywood (light duty)
o   White embossed FRP plywood (heavy duty)
o   Laminated Counter (no cabinet)
o   Exterior Hinged Counter
o   Tip-out Laminated Counter
o   Base Cabinet
o   Overhead Cabinet
o   Overhead Plastic Storage trays
Sink Units
o   3 compartment sink – Straight
o   4 compartment sink – Straight
o   4 compartment sink – L -shaped
o   4 compartment sink – Deep
o   30 amp service panel (120 Volt only)
o   50 amp service panel (120/240 Volt)
o   100 amp service panel (120/240 Volt)
o   120 Volt Duplex Receptacle(s)
o   120 Volt Duplex GFI receptacle(s)
o   240 Volt Bell Box (Stub Wire)
o   Exterior 120 Volt Duplex GFI Receptacles
And this is just the start! Do you need and air conditioning, heating, lighting or a vent with an exhaust fan? The list goes on, but if you go through the checklist first you will have a good idea about what you need and the product specialist will be better equipped to answer your question: “How Much?”
For more information and images on options, check out www.flaman.com/trailers/Concession-Trailers/

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Award Winning Customers

Posted by Steve Whittington Jun 12, 2012

Good companies often win awards but what about their customers? Shouldn’t they be recognized? Are they not part of the reason for the award? At Flaman Group of Companies this year we have won two awards: Consumer Choice Award and SABEX Marketing Award.

With both of these awards, it would be easy to position the employee efforts as the reason for the awards. Certainly the Consumer Choice Award is directly correlated to outstanding customer service by the staff and a marketing award is due the creative efforts of the marketing team.While both of these facts are true, there is more to each story.

Let’s start with the Consumer Choice Award. Obviously customer service is an important factor, but so is customer convenience and variety of choice for product offerings. Customer Service is the number one value of Flaman Group of Companies (FGC) so we will take credit for that, but how did the other two factors, convenience and variety of choice evolve?

The other two evolved by listening to loyal, engaged customers – customers who asked for more from FGC: more hours of operation, more product choice. It is these award-winning customers who pushed us to be better and by meeting their needs we ended up serving more people, more effectively. Without these loyal customers we would not have won the Consumer Choice Award.

But how do customers influence marketing? Is not marketing self serving for a company, designed solely to convince customers to buy product? Advertising can be, but The Great Stuck in Muck Photo Contest and Sled’N Snap contest are both examples of customers coming to Flaman Group of Companies with an idea. FGC then took the idea and marketed it because we have the resources. Additionally, both contests rely on user generated content to make them come alive. So in the case of these marketing contests all FGC did was build the ball park,so to speak. It was our customers that showed up and played a great game that drew in the crowds, some of whom purchased our products.

In 2012 FGC won two awards. The staff worked hard and deserved to be recognized for their efforts, but our customers worked hard and should be recognized as well.

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Celebrating our marketing success

Posted by Jennifer Thompson May 18, 2012

On May 17, I had the honour of attending the Saskatoon Awards for Business Excellence (SABEX) ceremony. Flaman was named a finalist in the Marketing award category.

This was a very exciting nomination for us. The SABEX awards honour businesses in Saskatoon and area in a variety of categories, such as Marketing, Customer Service, New Business and Business of the Year. Winners are selected from the finalists by a group of their peers. It meant a lot to us that we were recognized for our efforts by business leaders in our community.

This was the first time Flaman was named a finalist for a SABEX award.The ceremony was held at Prairieland Park, which had been decorated in a glamorous 1950s theme. After a delicious supper, the awards began, and I have to say I sat on the edge of my seat until our category was announced. We were up against three other great local businesses, so I was pretty nervous. When they announced the winner of the Marketing award was Flaman Group of Companies, I couldn’t have been happier! Our tables clapped and cheered as Steve Whittington, our VP of Marketing, accepted our award.

This award means so much to us. As a member of the marketing team, I know firsthand how much work goes into our marketing programs. We handle marketing for multiple stores, in many diverse divisions like fitness, trailers, grain cleaning and ag. Along with traditional advertising and marketing, I feel that Flaman is leading the way with things like our websites and online community building.  

The goal of our marketing department is to give our customers what they want and create content that is engaging and interesting. To me this is exemplified in our “Great Stuck in the Muck” photo contest. This contest was created as a way for farmers to share photos and stories about getting stuck, which is a universal problem for anyone working outside. This contest quickly grew to be much more than just a photo site. It’s now known as “Facebook for Farmers” across Western Canada. This site was a way we could give back to our customers and I think it worked. The website regularly gets thousands of visitors each month and many more when voting is happening.

I am so proud of our team! Along with those from our Saskatoon office, we have a strong team of marketers and web designers from all our locations. It truly was an honour to be named a finalist and of course we are so thrilled to be recognized as a leader in the business community. Thank you to the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and all those in the company that contribute to our success.

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2012 Crop Production Show a success

Posted by Barrett Prokopie Jan 17, 2012

Nearly 20,000 people from all over the province, country and globe converged on Saskatoon for the 2012 Western Canadian Crop Production Show, one of Western Canada’s premier showcase events for the grain industry.

This year’s Crop Production Show not only experienced record attendance (up 15% from 2011) but a general optimism across the grain industry as producers, manufacturers and industry representatives reflected on a previous year of challenges and hope for a year of good weather and strong agriculture markets.

The Flaman Group of Companies was there, set up across Prairieland Park in three separate booths, staffed by both Flaman sales members and product specialists. Our Grain Cleaning, Grain Handling and Farm Hardware booths were fully stocked and ready to provide the level of service you see in our stores.
One of the biggest draws to the Flaman booths was our OPI Grain Monitoring. It seems that producers, big and small, are starting to see the benefits of a system that monitors temperature. And with the “Free Install” promotion running for the month of January, it is a real “no-brainer” to start monitoring your biggest asset…….the grain in your bin.
All in all, the 2012 Western Canadian Crop Production Show was a success and we are looking forward to a strong 2012 for Flaman Sales and Rentals. We would like to take the time to wish you the best of luck in 2012, thank you for all the support in 2011, and remind you that your local Flaman sales representative is ready and waiting to help you in any way he/she can.

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Flaman Rentals wins Consumer Choice Award

Posted by Jennifer Thompson Jun 28, 2011

For the second year in a row, Flaman Rentals has received the Consumer Choice Award for the best Equipment Rental dealer in Saskatoon. 

“This award speaks well for the service we strive to give our customers,” says Ellery Erb, the rentals manager at Flaman Sales and Rentals in Saskatoon.
“Our goal is to have quality equipment and trailers to suit the customer’s needs, friendly service at the counter and fair pricing. I think all of those factors combined are what helped us win this award again.”
Consumer Choice Awards are handed out annually in cities across Canada in a variety of categories. The awards are based on answers from accurate surveys conducted by a third party research firm, Leger Marketing. Leger Marketing looks at various industries in each city and interviews a sample of people that represents the majority of that city’s population.
The first round of research determines the nominees for each category and a second survey asks people which of the nominated companies is their choice for the year.
Erb says it’s especially important that this award was voted on by customers, as customer service is the rental division’s number one goal.
This year’s awards were presented at a dinner and gala June 23 at TCU Place attended by a host of dignitaries including Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant-Governor Saskatchewan’s David Barnhart and Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison.
Flaman Rentals in Saskatoon employs four full time employees and offers a fleet of 48 trailers and various agricultural equipment for rent.

Steve Whittington, an executive at Flaman, accepts the Consumers Choice Award for Flaman Rentals in Saskatoon.


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You're Invited to a Rentals Open House in Yorkton, Moosomin and Swan River

Posted by Flaman Jun 14, 2011

You’re invited …
Three Flaman locations, three rental’s open houses.
June 21 – Swan River, MB
June 28 – Moosomin, SK
July 5 – Yorkton, SK
If you are in the Moosomin area you have to check out the “Wall of Wow”. Imagine a total of over 30 flat-deck trailers lined up side by side and stacked 3 – 4 high. If you are in the market for a flat deck trailer this is the place to go.
Contractor specials. Book your rentals the day of the open house and receive:
                10% off – rentals between $1,000 - $2,499
                20% off – rentals between $2,500 - $4,999
                25% off – rentals over $5,000
Come check out the new Hilti TE 3000-AVR jack hammer. All the power of an air tool without the need for a compressor. The TE 3000-AVR delivers explosive breaking power without sacrificing mobility. It brings impressive hammering power to big concrete demolition jobs. The TE 3000-AVR is also a quick, easy way to break up asphalt for road building, repair work and pipe laying.
Hilti will also be doing demos with their DSH 900 hand-held gas saw. The Hilti diamond blade has lower friction which gives a higher cutting performance. It has high torque when needed with minimal hand-arm vibration. This saw is perfect for cutting curb stones, paving stones, sewer pipes and ducts, asphalt, metal and a whole lot more.
There will be hands-on demos of the ICS concrete chain saws. Come see for yourself how easy to use these concrete saws are.
Flaman’s is the only rental store in the Yorkton area to have a ride-on power trowel. Be the first to rent our brand new Barikell 30” ride-on power trowel. This ride-on power trowel is extremely responsive; features synchronized steering and is a labour saver wherever used instead of walk-behind trowels.
Come meet our suppliers and participate in Hilti, Bobcat, Ditch Witch and Multi Quip demos. Enter your name for a Progression 11” trampoline and for our many other great door prizes and stay for the barbeque lunch.
All proceeds from the barbeque lunch go to The Children’s Wish Foundation.

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Spring Clearance and Used Trailer Sale

Posted by Mark Flaman May 02, 2011

Every two years we replace the rental trailers in our fleets across all of our stores. We combine our pre-existing used inventory with our ‘birthday’ (clearance) trailers and add the trailers that come out of our rental fleets to make the largest trailer sale in our organization. We are currently clearing out over 350 trailers across western Canada, and we are sure we’ve got one to fit your bill. From small shuttle trailers, to motorcycle trailers, to car haulers, to dump trailers, to goosenecks, you’ll be hard pressed to find something we don’t have in our used inventory. Everything from aluminum to steel, light-duty to heavy-duty, in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. All trailers go through our service centers for a full inspection before they are put into our used inventory. 

Stop in at your nearest FLAMAN dealer, or visit our used selection online HERE.


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