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Semi Flatbed Trailers, Stock Trailers, and Level loading Trailers. All new this year at Flaman Trailers

Posted by Steve Whittington May 07, 2014

Every year we have Trailer Division training in February and every year we find new products to bring to you our customers.  Organizing the event this year I surprised at the logistics required to make this happen.

Five years ago we had three manufacturers to focus on. We now supply fifteen trailer manufacturers to Western Canada eleven of which were at our inside training event. We consumed an entire exhibition hall in Lethbridge to show case the equipment inside from the cold. Ultimately, that is a lot of product choice for you. Now that spring has sprung these trailers are in our lots ready to be viewed.

Many of these fifteen manufactures many are what I consider speciality products: Office Trailers, Concession Trailers, Mobile Restroom trailers, Sprayer Trailers, car dollies, level loading trailers, fuel trailers... the list goes on. But to be fair many are also mainline manufacturers and we have aligned ourselves with the best in the industry to provide our customers pricing and specification choices or simply put their pick of good better or best. 

What I was excited about most this year however are products I believe we have be needing to supply for quite some time;  Stock and Horse Trailers (which we used to supply), and Semi flat bed trailers. To meet these needs we have aligned ourselves with Corn Pro Trailers for Horse and Stock Trailers and B&B Trailers for Flat Bed Semi Trailers. We have more product information on our website. Both of these brands have been in the industry for a long time and we excited to offer them.  

The last new trailer type we had in our training is quite unique. The company Air Tow Trailers are a worldwide industry leader for level loading trailers. When I was first exposed to this trailer I will admit I raised an eyebrow and thought what use are these trailers? The idea is nice but regular trailers can do the job. The fact is they cannot. The bed of these units lowers completely to the ground and when raised for travel the bed self levels depending on weight distribution on the deck. For loading safes, pianos, sky jacks, pallets, etc. this trailer does a job that other units cannot do: painless and safe loading plus smooth transport. So if you have a special moving consideration, this is the trailer. Listen to our podcastto learn more.

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